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Boom!: The Coolest Thing I’ve Seen in Quite Some Time

I hd intended to write about something else today but looking through some old Public Affairs files I came across the coolest thing I’ve seen in quite some time.  The first image in the packet was this intriguingly rigged up … Continue reading

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Summertime Blues

It’s really hot. And lonely too. Everybody who could get out of town is now out of town. Walking out to my steaming car this afternoon I gazed longingly at the fancy palm-shaded outdoor pool at the Rec Center: Happily, … Continue reading

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Friday Morning Follies: Lathered Up

I’m calling this circa 1990s but it’s hard to tell under all that shaving cream.

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Always Look On The Back

Things have calmed down substantially this afternoon and I am relishing the opportunity to write with a bit more calm. In fact, I’d like to just meander around a little this time. Let’s start with this very old photograph of … Continue reading

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Genuine Laughter, 1993

It’s starting to look like this whole week is going to be “interesting.” I feel like George Rupp and former Dean of Engineering Michael Carroll have got the right idea in this 1993 photo. My best guess is that there’s … Continue reading

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The Big Hole in the Center of Ryon Lab

My day today was marginally calmer than yesterday but it still contained much more excitement than I’d prefer. So again you’re going to get pictures without much commentary; this time, the big hole at the heart of Ryon Lab, which … Continue reading

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The Creators of the Modern Rice University

There’s really no such thing for me as a typical day but even by my standards this one was lunatic. I’m worn pretty slick but I do have a couple of wonderful images I hadn’t seen until a few days … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies: Better Than a Golf Cart

I’m not saying I should be carried around campus on a sedan chair. But I’m not saying I shouldn’t be either.

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Fun With Microfilm, With the Surprising Reappearance of Old Friends

I looked at microfilm all afternoon today, every edition of both the Chronicle and the Post from March, 1929. I haven’t managed to solve the riddle of the strange picture–or even any piece of it–but I have developed an alternate theory … Continue reading

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Joseph Davies, 50 Years Apart

Last week I was very kindly given a packet of photos that emerged from some cranny over in Biology. They’re all pretty interesting, although a bit of a hodgepodge across time and space. (One side note: I never would have … Continue reading

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