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Friday Follies: Beer Bike Bunny, 1984

Look at their faces: I wish we could see this from their perspective. I think. Bonus: No bunnies here but nothing says “spring” like baby animals.

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” A ‘Magic Moment’ in Track History,” 1973

Rummaging around in a box full of old sports media guides, I noticed this photo on the back cover of the 1974 Spring Sports booklet: (It’s not at all clear to me why they decided to put “magic moment” and … Continue reading

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Double Vision

Architecture professors Anderson Todd and Will Cannady pose with their likenesses in Cohen House. I’ve talked before about their 1976 renovations of the building but I may have failed to mention that part of their reward was to have this … Continue reading

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“a rather rigorous salt free diet,” 1962

Just for the record, the actual work I’m doing right now is about the tremendous changes the 1960s brought to Rice (and also about the surprisingly sharp limits of those changes). This means that I’m looking more carefully at the … Continue reading

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A Rough and Ready History of the Early Library, c1950s

I was only in the Woodson for a little while today but it was long enough to run across this, which I found in the circa early ’50s Freshman Guide that I picked off the shelf at random. I thought … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Commencement Prep

I’m sure it’s harder than it looks:

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Martel College Construction, 2001

Until this afternoon I’d never seen a photo of Martel College construction. Now I’ve seen one, but it’s a real beauty, an aerial taken in January 2001: So much has changed since then but what I’m stuck on is the … Continue reading

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