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Friday Afternoon Follies: Apparently Baptists Come in All Sizes

From the Rice Baptist Student Union 1933 retreat. Looks like a fun crowd: And yes, Floyd Kelly, ’36 played basketball. Thanks to Nancy LaMotta Crabb, ’64 for her mother’s great photo!

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European Art Tour, 1951

If I could go back in time I would sign up for this immediately, even though you have to foot the bill for your own deck chair on the Atlantic crossing. I found it and several others like it in … Continue reading

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Gil Whitaker, ’53

I ran across this picture today and it occurred to me that you should always try to be kind to freshmen because you never know who they’ll turn out to be. This bright eyed youngster, for example, a freshman in … Continue reading

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Who’s That Under the Blanket??

One of my colleagues in the Woodson was scanning some photos the other day and came to me with this tantalizing image: We knew from the label that the student athlete was Edward Herting and the picture was taken circa … Continue reading

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Malcolm Gillis, 1940-2015

What a loss. What a remarkable person. Malcolm Gillis did nothing halfway. A son of the rural Florida panhandle, his drive, commitment and intelligence brought him to the very top of American higher education. Here’s a link to the Rice … Continue reading

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Rice Owl Tanning Club, c1985

They don’t look like they’re working on their tans. They do look like some rowdies at a baseball game in about the middle of the 1980s. Bonus: KTRU lives.

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Every once in a while I just get stuck. In this case I’ve completely lost my bearings. What am I looking at? Is the picture flipped? Am I?? Help! Bonus: At least I know where this is.

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