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I had a crazy day today and can’t summon any productive remarks. So here are some pretty flowers, along with a few pretty weeds: I found these pictures in the Thresher photo files and I don’t think they’re especially old … Continue reading

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Dell Butcher Hall(s)

Exhibit A, from the Thresher photo files. I should be able to date this from the scaffolding but I’m at home hiding from the rain and cold: Exhibit B, which I took myself last Friday: I can think of buildings … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies: Determination

This is undated, but maybe late ’60s?    

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The First Band (or part of it, anyway), circa 1915

This is a very early photo, I’d guess 1914 or 1915. I found it in the scrapbook of a 1916 grad and the band, which had been started on the initiative of my old friend W.T. Betts, had uniforms by … Continue reading

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My Favorite Parking Lot

Here’s another one from the Thresher photo files, a very unusual and undated image taken from inside the doors of what must have been a fairly new Baker Institute building. It’s a great view of my late, lamented favorite parking … Continue reading

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Obsolete Technology: Dean Hutch Edition

Here’s a classic–the overhead projector–wielded by Chemistry Professor (and current Dean of Undergraduates) John Hutchinson in 1994. (Incidentally, were you aware that 1994 was twenty years ago?? I don’t know how that slipped by me.) These photos came from the … Continue reading

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Visiting Duchesses, 1955

For some reason, I had in mind that today I would post the Campus Calendar for this week in 1955. I find these things endlessly fascinating, especially as I’ve come to understand them better, and these days I slowly dole … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies: Total Maniacs, 1929

When I laid this glass negative down on the light table, look who jumped out at me: You’d like to think it was spring, but I suspect it was right around matriculation in the fall of 1929.

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Thresher Photo Files: Putting Willie Back

My colleague Norie returned from a visit to the Thresher offices with a box of old photos that had been stashed away for quite some time. After a quick perusal, it looks like a bit of a grab bag, mostly … Continue reading

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Spring Think, 1971

I’m guessing that this event may have been a predecessor to what we now call Alumni College, but I freely admit that I’m not at all certain about this. I can say, though, that it looks like a fantastic program: … Continue reading

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