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Friday Follies: “The University sincerely regrets . . .,” 1961

This was the best laugh I had all week: I thought about digging out the picture of the students dressed as a priest and a pregnant nun but I was afraid it would detract from the beauty of the exasperated … Continue reading

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What is this person’s job?

Since finding that spectacular picture of the trustees at the 1946 baccalaureate service last week I’ve been looking closely at images of other such events. There’s a lot to be said about these and I may well go back and … Continue reading

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Oil Well Bonanza, 1955

Now this is interesting: I found it in one of those enormous scrapbooks compiled by Rice alumni. It would probably be possible to figure out from stuff we have in the Woodson how much money was realized from this but … Continue reading

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A Football Stadium, Not Our Own

I’m playing a bit of hooky again today and posting images that aren’t directly Rice related. I found these in a file marked “Old Stadium” and have puzzled over them for a couple of years now. It certainly does appear … Continue reading

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Rice Report, January 1971

This afternoon here were a couple of boxes on one of the book carts in the back room that had been ordered from storage by mistake. This obviously called for a thorough investigation of their contents. And I wasn’t at … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Science or Refreshments?

Hard to tell. It’s unlabeled, naturally. I love those benches.

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Pivot Point, 1946

This afternoon completely by chance I stumbled across an amazing picture. I was randomly–randomly!–leafing through folders in the photo files and my heart leapt when I saw this: There are almost no good images of the Rice board before very … Continue reading

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