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Friday Follies: The Biggest Liar

This sweet lady won the prize at her class reunion in 1976 for having the most grandchildren. Look closer at those ribbons, though, and you’ll see she also was named the First Place Liar: She does seem to have a … Continue reading

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Letters to Santa, 1929

The second one is my favorite:   But what I notice as an historian is that two of these fake letters concern the same thing: anxiety about athletes flunking out. Both Jack Meagher, the coach, and George McCarble, a player, … Continue reading

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Tree Trimming at Brown College, 1972

This feels like a very long time ago to me. Something was gained but something also was lost in the switch to mixed sex colleges:

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A Weight Off My Mind

Remember this picture of Wiess College personages from a few weeks ago? Well, I’ve studied it every day since then, trying to figure out what was rolling around in my head that made it seem so familiar. When I looked … Continue reading

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A Final Thought on Those Notes About the Power Plant: Nancy Boothe, ’52

There’s only one thread left hanging: The last thing Alan Chapman noted was that whoever it was that was asking questions about the early history of the power plant ought to get over to the archives and ask Nancy Boothe … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies: Pickin’ and Grinnin’

Well, this was unexpected. Yet another banjo appears. Homecoming, 1970. Bonus:

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Christmas Tree Battle, 1963

Here’s a short item from the December 11, 1963 Thresher that is so perfectly Rice-like it almost brought a tear to my eye: Bonus:

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