The 1970s: Craziest Fashion Era Ever?

I find the 1940s kind of amusing too, but in the 1940s everyone dressed in the same basic styles. In the 70s, it was like a riot broke out. Bell bottoms, miniskirts, maxiskirts, long hair, wild patterns, bright colors, wide ties–much of it executed in polyester–and very few were immune to the siren song of unbridled self expression.

The weather was raw this morning–cold and windy–and the campus felt deserted when I came in. It made me feel a bit sad, but when I got to the Woodson I discovered that someone had pulled a photo file that contained shots of the 1972 Freshman Reception in Cohen House. This perked me right up! 1970s fashion, baby:

It takes a bold man to wear that kind of sport coat, but I think he pulls it off. It makes Frank Vandiver’s paisley tie seem tame.

Here’s a crowd shot. That might be English professor Bob Patton in the windowpane suit and aviator glasses:

And finally, I admit that I share this older lady’s skepticism about the whole enterprise:

Bonus: There was no one outside today.

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12 Responses to The 1970s: Craziest Fashion Era Ever?

  1. C Kelly says:

    I think that’s Ira Gruber behind Patton.

  2. Melissa Kean says:

    Yes, I think so too. Ironically, Ira Gruber is one of the few people who never changed the way he dressed–ever.

  3. Mike Ross says:

    Definitely Ira Gruber.

    Dr. Tsanoff is partially visible at the far right of the top photo.

  4. Melissa Kean says:

    Yes, isn’t that a trip?

  5. Grungy says:

    I like the enormous fingerprint on the top image’s negative. We might be able to determine whose that is.

  6. Bill says:

    Its Patten, not like the General. I recall this because he corrected a paper I turned in with his name misspelled back in the day:) Great pictures from my era, brings back some memories. How about those sideburns!

  7. Leoguy says:

    We were COOL!

  8. Barney L. McCoy says:

    Behind Patten and to his right appears to be Clark Read, chairman of the bio dept.
    Barney L. McCoy, Hanszen 67

  9. Carol says:

    The older lady’s dress is more in style now than the minidress the student is wearing next to her!

  10. Keith Cooper says:

    Equally delightful is the fact that this 1972 reception for the freshman has significant attendance by the faculty and the administration. Today, after matriculation, the students have a small outdoor reception in the quad (they process from the front lawn in Founder’s Court in through the Sallyport to the quad; they will later recess out through the Sallyport at Commencement), but you won’t find faculty in attendance, unless they are College Masters or Deans.

  11. Matt Noall says:

    A real nostalgia rush for sure. I’m not sure of the “ever” but it has got to be close. Sometime around the 1300’s or so ( usual time compression coupled with too many decades since I thought about it) the fashions included shoes, for example that curled up and back over the top with bells, apparently. I’m not sure of the colors but I suspect things like “matching” red and greens. Certainly not an improvement!

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