They’re Back

The freshmen, that is, with all they entail. I’m on record as not being a big fan of O-Week (and yes, I understand that this is a minority opinion) but there’s no denying that O-Week is much, much better than what came before. Here, for example, is a picture of the new freshmen, then called “slimes,” hitting campus in 1929:

Slimes 1929

I never would have made it.

Bonus: It sounds like matriculation went well. Here’s a nice shot of it (no chickens) sent in by Campus Photographer Jeff Fitlow:


Extra Bonus: What I Did On My Summer Vacation: I had a very productive summer at Rice. I also saw St. Ignatius of Loyola three times. I was amazed at his shape-shifting abilities. First at Gonzaga:


Then at Creighton:


And finally at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School:


This was his actual size.


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6 Responses to They’re Back

  1. joni says:

    Now who else would have thought to do that photo essay? Just delightful – thanks!

  2. Thanks for this one (Being basically an introvert, I was not that big a fan of O-Week either; so you are not alone.)

  3. Jerry Outlaw says:

    We were still called “slimes” and wore beanies in 1964, but there was nothing abusive going on. At least not at Baker, who knows about Will Rice in those days?

  4. Francis Eugene "Gene" PRATT, Institute Class of '56 says:

    Did you visit the Bing Crosby house at Gonzaga?
    My wife could NOT have cared less about viewing Gonzaga until she learned that she could see the house (Fraternity House, as I recall) wherein Der Bingle had resided.

  5. Deb says:

    When I matriculated in 1976, it was just called Freshman Week. I remember the “rooms with strange numbers” scavenger hunt (Find Sewall 301, Find that lecture hall between Bio and Geo), etc. I don’t remember any forced group activities (I too hate pep rallies and rah-rah events). Maybe everyone was still just tired from the 60’s being over?

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