John Laxen, 1957-2014

Big John Laxen passed away this week, much too early. When he came to Rice he was almost still a boy. He worked here for 36 years and became head of the Electrician’s Shop in 2007. He knew this campus like the back of his hand and he was kind, generous and funny. He helped me whenever he could and every single time I saw him I was glad of it.

I have better pictures of him but this one is my favorite. He’s the big guy in white coveralls, the one with his head thrown back in laughter:

John Laxen Electricians

John Laxen, RIP.



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7 Responses to John Laxen, 1957-2014

  1. Gone too soon. I can still hear him boom “Hello, Marty!” when he had something he needed to give me or tell me. I want to call his extension just to hear his voice on voice mail.

  2. Greg Marshall says:

    Great tribute, Melissa, thank you. I saw the family last weekend and mentioned it–his sons were very appreciative.

  3. Greg Marshall says:

    Some photos of John, shared at his memorial service last weekend, as well as a link to an on-line guest book to leave messages for the family or memories of John, will be up until Oct. 10 at this link:

  4. Tammie Johnson says:

    Miss ya John I remember the good old days with you and Mary

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  6. joe Arevalo says:

    my brother its been seven years and i can say i miss you like it was seven years ago! the love i have for you is without measure,i miss our talks,i DEEPLY hurt with you gone! my life feels so empty, if you where here you would say ,” get it together” Dame ,i miss you !! My Brother,you will never be forgotten!! Ti Amo Con Todo Mi Corazon !!! ( one ton tomato) ,inside joke !!

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