A Final Thought on Those Notes About the Power Plant: Nancy Boothe, ’52

There’s only one thread left hanging:

Power plant notes

The last thing Alan Chapman noted was that whoever it was that was asking questions about the early history of the power plant ought to get over to the archives and ask Nancy Boothe about it.

Nancy Boothe c1980

Nancy, ’52, was head of the archives when I first walked in as an overly eager graduate student. It took about a week for her to realize that I was going to be such a nuisance that she might as well teach me how to find what I needed myself. For that and much, much more I owe her a great debt. We all do, really. For her work preserving the history of Rice Nancy received the ARA Meritorious Service Award in 2004 :

Nancy Boothe 2004 meritorious service

I can’t resist a picture of her as an undergrad in 1952, third from the bottom:

Nancy Boothe Feb 16 1951 Thresher

And as long as we’re at it, one more of her goofing around in the Woodson, circa 1970s:


Bonus: We don’t always have flowers in the Woodson but you certainly will get service if you ring the bell.


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8 Responses to A Final Thought on Those Notes About the Power Plant: Nancy Boothe, ’52

  1. marmer01 says:

    I remember Nancy! My Hanszen roommate’s future wife worked with Nancy in the Woodson for a time. She was great! Also adorable in that 70’s picture.

  2. MM Pack (Brown, '74) says:

    I owe Nancy Boothe a great debt, too. I worked for her and Ferne Hyman in the Woodson Research Center when I was an undergraduate (1970-74). Both were infinitely patient with me, inspired me to go to library school, and sparked my lifelong love for archives and the history they can reveal.

  3. Philip Walters says:

    This just makes me wish I had more opportunity to spend time at Woodson. Many miles and many responsibilities up here in the mountains.

  4. Barbara Eaves says:

    Melissa – thank you for sending this along to me. Is Nancy still alive? If so, do you know how to contact her? I’ve lost touch with my good friend.

  5. Kathy says:

    Nancy was one of my first supervisors when I worked in the Library as a student assistant. She was in Acquisitions, then. A very, very nice lady and wonderful professional.

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