Closed for Good Friday

Gate closed c1931

See you Monday!

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3 Responses to Closed for Good Friday

  1. Steve Lukingbeal says:

    I was told that Rice periodically closed all the entrances on campus to avoid imposition of the legal doctrine of a prescriptive easement. In other words, if you let the public travel through your property for a long period of say ten years without protesting their trespass, then that route becomes a public route. That would have prevented Rice from realigning their internal roadways, which they like to do from time to time. On the Fourth of July, the entire campus was closed up. For some reason, Rice no longer observes such strict practices. I assume that there must have been some sort of change in the law of adverse possession, case law or statutory, so that it is not as harsh on landowners as it was in the pioneer days. Maybe someone will know.

  2. Lou Ann Montana says:

    Please comment if you do; I would be very interested as well! I had assumed Rice still closed all entrances for at least one full day a year. I am involved in a land development project that is being significantly impacted by historical access easements between neighbors that have evolved into named streets on Google maps.

    Meanwhile Happy Spring to all!

  3. marmer01 says:

    Pretty sure Rice still closes all of the entrances on the Fourth of July for precisely that reason. It’s also a good way to keep Rice from being overflow parking for Hermann Park and Miller Theatre.

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