Tony’s Stable, 1928

When I got to the Woodson today I alertly noticed that one of my colleagues had left a piece of paper on my chair. While looking for something else in the papers of Ray Watkin Hoagland Strange ’36, he had come across a wonderful surprise. (I would note here that Ray squirreled away a great many surprising things.) Those of you who endured the long-running saga of my search for the mule barns ( see here, here, and here for a taste) will understand how much I cherish this little drawing of part of gardener Tony Martino’s domain:

Apart from a few aerials that show a set of small buildings where the gym is today not much of a trace remains in the archives of what was once the center of the facilities operation at the Rice Institute. This sketch is the only thing I’ve ever found that lets us see what it looked like from the ground.


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