Friday Follies: Fake News, 1953

I don’t have any idea why they couldn’t just film commencement.

Bonus: There’s been some clamor for more bricks. This one, with its lovely lace background, was sent by reader Jeff Ross who says it’s a survivor from old Wiess.

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8 Responses to Friday Follies: Fake News, 1953

  1. Steve Weakley says:

    So, what happened to the movie? Where can I see it! Is it a worthy predecessor to Grigsby G.?

  2. Sandy Havens says:

    When Doug Killgore and I filmed “The Trust” we staged the Commencement ceremony in which James Addison Baker recounted the story of Rice’s murder. Although there were a few Rice faculty members on the platform most were paid actors as was the audience in attendance. That’s not fake; that’s honest film making.

  3. grungy1973 says:

    Privacy issues in 1953? It’s a big deal now.

  4. The Screen Actors Guild was founded in 1933. They might have needed to pay everyone as extras.

  5. marmer01 says:

    Given the date, most likely they couldn’t get it together in time. Also, I imagine to film something that long outdoors would have been a substantial cost that they couldn’t bear. And they didn’t want to risk the weather or bad lighting.

  6. Galloway Hudson - Wiess '60 says:

    The Rice people who came to my high school to recruit students in 1955-56 showed us that film. It would be a hoot to see it again (at age 80), if it still exists. What it did not tell us, as I recall, is how difficult Rice would be back then if one did not have a genius I. Q. and could exist on a minimum of sleep.

  7. mattnoall says:

    Did you look at the decorated bricks in Space Science?

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