Friday Follies: Bundled Up, 1962

The heat went out in Fondren, January 1962:

It’s probably more appropriate for dealing with the summer air conditioning, though.

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6 Responses to Friday Follies: Bundled Up, 1962

  1. C Kelly says:

    Funny thing – I remember this cold snap. I was a 6th grader at Sugar Land Junior High, and the big freeze was unexpected. Well, at SLJH anyway.

  2. I vividly remember the cold snap. I walked to early morning Mass at the Newman Center from Wiess College, which was a walk clear across campus. There was about a half-inch of solid ice over all the walkways. I fell down three times on the way because of the slippery conditions.

  3. Terry Cloudman Hanszen '65 says:

    I remember water pressure issues and freezing that led to portacans being brought in, The paper cover of that year’s Campanile higlighted the event

  4. That was the “bookend” semester. Rice was closed at the beginning of the semester by Hurricane Carla and at the end of the semester by the freeze.

  5. Kathy (Lewis) Amen '71 says:

    I think that was the winter that our water pipes froze (we’d recently moved back to Houston from Montana and the idea of frozen pipes (!) just wasn’t on our radar). Every predicted freeze for several years after this my mom insisted on turning off the water…amid much grumbling from me and my sister, especially as we became teenagers. But we always had heat!

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