Newcomer’s Club, February 1955

There’s enough continuity on college campuses to make you believe that things have pretty much always been the same. But every once in a while I come across something so foreign that it implies an entirely different universe. A batch of documents from a group called the Newcomer’s Club, which was dedicated to welcoming new faculty and their families and integrating them into the close-knit Rice community, was one of those things. This little invitation card especially caught my attention. It was a covered dish supper and square dance, called by Joseph Davies, who never seemed to miss a party. I do winder how many of the newcomers were also new to square dancing. I’d bet a lot:

When I turned this over I was delighted to see it addressed to Frances Brotzen, whose husband Franz arrived in the fall of 1954 to teach in the Mechanical Engineering Department:

By 1956 Frances herself had become a member of the group that so kindly sought to welcome new arrivals to campus each fall.

Bonus: I was all set to walk out to my car in the stadium lot by cutting across the intramural field. This guy stopped me cold. It felt like I was approaching a mountain lion. So I re-routed to the sidewalk.

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2 Responses to Newcomer’s Club, February 1955

  1. Nancy Moore Eubank ‘55 says:

    Notice no zip code yet. I would love to have heard Dr. Davies call a square dance. I wonder what happened to his teeth in all that excitement! Nancy Moore Eubank ‘55

  2. Steve Lukingbeal, Hanszen ‘76 says:

    I’ve seen hawks on the Rice campus fly full sized rabbits across the infield of Reckling Park, much to the horror of several children who erupted in loud screams. Undernourished students should be wary.

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