Maxfield Hall, Part 2

As promised, a couple of small things I noticed at Maxfield Hall the other day.

First, remember the long saga about the original light fixtures in the Mech Lab cloisters? If you missed it, the story is here and here. I really hate to leave loose ends so I went and took a close look at the new fixtures to see what they finally came up with. Well, they aren’t precisely identical to the originals –not unexpected after a hundred and ten years–but are pretty darn close and historically appropriate:

And second, even more interesting, are the basement windows, which are no longer bricked up. This was taken looking up from one of the basement meeting rooms:

I take this to mean that the Powers That Be have decided that the Cuban Missile Crisis is now over.

Bonus: I got a big box of photos today that were taken at various History Department events during the 1990s. There’s a lot of good stuff in there that I’ll study more closely when I have a minute but I can’t help but notice what good looking graduate students they had back in those days.

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3 Responses to Maxfield Hall, Part 2

  1. harnmarsh says:

    1. Great to get natural light into a basement, but could they have done something to make the security feature less prison-like?
    2. I trust that many of my fellow Melissa Kean fans would agree that she is even more lovely now than when this picture was taken.

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