Lost Again, circa 1970

Poking around in my laptop I came across this image taken sometime in the late 1960s or early 1970s by Bob Roosth ’70 ’71, who was a photographer for the Thresher and the Campanile. I have no idea who any of these people are but I was enjoying the fashion (especially that sweet shift dress on the young woman in the middle) when I realized that I don’t know where they are. I can’t recall what sidewalk would have had that kind of landscaping alongside.

Any thoughts?

Bonus: Another question. Why is that railing there? There isn’t one in front of any of the other Maxfield Hall basement windows.

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17 Responses to Lost Again, circa 1970

  1. Marty Merritt says:

    Is that Virgins Walk?

  2. Melissa Kean says:

    Maybe. I hadn’t thought of that. I guess I’ll go pull out the aerials!

  3. Texas SPQ says:

    The young woman in the middle looks a little bit like Jan West. I believe she is class of 1973.

  4. harnmarsh says:

    The rail is there to keep the bowling balls out.

    • Texas SPQ says:

      Do any of the other windows above have that small balcony? Perhaps the railing is there to keep distracted folks from running into the balcony. Or, it’s a place to clean the mud off of your boots!

  5. The woman on the right looks like Mary Margaret (Peggy) Pack. She graduated in 1974 and later worked for several years in the Woodson Research Center. I’ll ask her! Looks like Jan in the center and the

  6. MM Pack says:

    That is me bringing up the rear and I’m pretty sure that would have been early 1970 (maybe even O Week) when I was probably in a permanent state of confusion, as I appear here. It sure looks like Jan West, who was an advisor on 7th floor Brown where I lived. Can’t be sure, but I believe that is Derek Lewis (Baker, ’74) leading the parade.

    Bryan Domning is right, I did work at the Woodson beginning in the summer just prior to matriculating in 1970, continuing through my graduation in 1974.

  7. The balcony is at a height well below head height. The rail is there to keep people from trying to walk under the balcony.

  8. Mark Williamson says:

    The background reminds me of the sidewalk along Rice Boulevard behind Central Kitchen or Physical Plant before the sidewalk was replaced by a more exercise-friendly surface.

  9. Scott Corron says:

    The rail is to keep people away from the steam that came from boilers under the window.

    The photo is in front of Baker College looking up sidewalk towards Cohen House.

  10. Keith Cooper says:

    Might be the walk along the old Tennis court, from the parking lot towards Jones. Crepe myrtles in foreground, live oaks in the distance. As you know, some of those crepe myrtles were moved to fill holes in the wall of crepe myrtles over behind Cohen House.

  11. Bob Roosth says:

    If I took the photo, it would have been between fall ’67 and spring ’71. I have a vague memory of giving you the picture but no memory of taking it.

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