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“that morning on the Bosphorus,” 1902

I try not to burden you all with too much Tsanoff correspondence but I never touch one of these letters without feeling almost overwhelming gratitude that they fell into my hands. Even though most of them are fairly mundane all … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: A Trip to the Beach, 1924

I thought at first this was Galveston but on closer inspection it looks more like the bay, which was a very popular destination at the time. That’s our first math professor, Griffith Evans, at right with his little lads Georgie … Continue reading

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“Mr. Glascock sends you his love,” 1923

That was one of the greetings that Radoslav Tsanoff passed on to his daughter Katherine in yesterday’s letter. Mr. Glascock was Clyde Chew Glascock, who taught modern languages (German and Spanish) at the Rice Institute beginning in 1914. Here he … Continue reading

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“Dearest Corrinne,” Summer 1925

Over the last few months I’ve been slowly reading my way through the correspondence between Radoslav and Corinne Tsanoff from the mid-1920s, just on the odd chance that a needle I’ve been looking for might be found in that particular … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Splash Day, nd

Back when men were men and shorts were short. Really short. Looks like mid-60s to me. But where was all that water coming from? Bonus: Lots more Tsanoff letters. Brace yourselves.

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“It is really splendid!,” 1925

This is, I suppose, really a post about the University of Texas although it started with one of the letters Radoslav Tsanoff wrote to his wife during the summer he spent teaching in Austin. During those six weeks Tsanoff spent … Continue reading

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Rice and the Official Dedication of the San Jacinto Monument, 1939

While looking for the Semper Fidelis Club letters I also came across a file full of materials from the dedication of the San Jacinto monument and museum: The first thing you’d notice if you opened this folder is that this … Continue reading

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Sketches, 1924

I was lounging around my office at home this afternoon, sipping some coffee and leafing through the 1924 Campanile just for the fun of it. I’ve spent quite bit of time with this  book but I caught something today that … Continue reading

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“Cordial holiday greetings,” 1930

This simple and elegant card is what the Lovetts sent out to friends and colleagues every year. I think it’s lovely, with the embossed Rice shields and the pretty engraving: Until a few weeks ago I’d never seen any other … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Hit the Beach, 1928 Style

As expected, it’s definitely beach weather in Houston these last days before the start of fall semester. What I didn’t expect was H.A. Wilson and in his swimwear, grinning happily on the beach in Galveston in 1928. Somehow Tsanoff seems … Continue reading

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