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The First Rice Institute Building

The “Financial Records” boxes that we found in the old William Marsh Rice land leases collection continue to bring forth surprises. Many people know that the site of the Institute was originally to have been downtown on about 6 and … Continue reading

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“Brotzen rises to report”

Franz Brotzen came to Rice in 1954 as the Institute’s only materials scientist. He taught through the spring semester of 2009, and died this last May at 94, leaving an office full of active research materials. He was a great … Continue reading

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An academic favorite–reimbursement checks!

One of my co-workers in the Woodson has been laboriously sorting a large collection of papers which consist mostly of old land leases that belonged to William Marsh Rice. This is pretty tedious work. (It’s also dirty and uncomfortable–papers that … Continue reading

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Herbert Hoover

The picture in the header above is one of my favorites. The man facing the camera on the right is Edgar Odell Lovett, the first president of Rice, and the man on the left is Herbert Hoover. They’re standing on … Continue reading

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