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HMRC Thursday: Santa, 1964

From the Houston Post Photo Collection, RGD006N 8580: Don’t those look like feet on the right side? Well, it’s because they are: Times have most definitely changed. Bonus: And another thing! Kids today have it too easy. Back in the … Continue reading

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Order of Service, November 10, 1960

While I was going through the RMC chapel material, which is extensive, I came across this program from a service held there in the fall on 1960. It looks like the standard fare of the era and was initially notable … Continue reading

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For The Time Being, 1971

Today was a dreary day on campus, cold, wet, and gray. It’s also the last day of the study period before finals begin and between these two things there were very few people about: I don’t know whether this is … Continue reading

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“Over Our Heads”: The KTRU Antenna, April 1971

Lacking something else to do I was reading some Sid Rich newsletters the other day and came across this great bit about the installation of the antenna on the roof. I’ve always enjoyed turning up pieces of Rice radio history … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Think You’ve Seen Everything?

Not until you’ve seen Doc C square dancing! It’s undated but obviously pretty early in his time here: We’ve recently begun the process of working through all the material he left to the Woodson and that’s how this turned up. … Continue reading

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HMRC Thursday: Aerial with Old Stadium, October 1961

I found this interesting image today in the Harper Leiper Collection (MSS 0287, 12795) at the HMRC. It’s not a great picture–in fact it’s quite blurry, unusual for a Harper Leiper photo–but it makes up for that by being a … Continue reading

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“the holiday spirit is creeping upon us,” 1932

This is the last week of classes and I have to say that faculty celebrate the end of the semester even more than the students do. This invitation to a swinging end-of-fall-semester party right around this time in 1932 demonstrates … Continue reading

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“Do you think I wasn’t going to be up for this game?” 1992

I’ve started reading the voluminous Radoslav and Corinne Tsanoff correspondence in earnest recently and it has turned out to be both magnificent and exhausting, covering everything from Klan and anti-Klan parades to little Katherine’s ear infections. (I’m just thankful that … Continue reading

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Lunch with Ralph O’Connor, 1970

This memo from Bob Parks ’73, who was the incoming Student Association President in the summer of 1970, turned up when one of our Fondren Fellows was investigating the Abbie Hoffman brouhaha that unfolded in April of that year. (Much … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving at Cohen House, 1927: “The Past is Prologue”

The official opening of Cohen House took place the day after Thanksgiving in 1927 but a smaller private dinner the evening before marked its true inauguration. Last year I talked about Dr. Lovett’s remarks at that dinner and this year … Continue reading

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