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I had more or less forgotten that the student-run coffeehouse in the RMC was once located here, right next to the door to Sammy’s: The two pictures I found are undated but taken well within my era at Rice. I’d … Continue reading

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Track Standouts, circa 1964

I received quite a few emails after my post a couple weeks ago that featured a sequence of pictures of a Fred Hansen ’63 vault. One of the best came from Terry Cloudman ’65 who sent me two wonderful photos. … Continue reading

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Strange Times at the Hackerman Inauguration, Part 2

As I said yesterday, there were balloons all over. There were people all over too, spread across the lawn, up on the balconies on Lovett Hall, even in the oak trees. It looks like a hot and windy day but … Continue reading

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Strange Times at the Hackerman Inauguration , 1971

The other day one of my colleagues was working with the collection of materials generated by the committee that organized Norman Hackerman’s inauguration in 1971. In one of the boxes I found the completely standard looking official scrapbook. It’s classic … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: #MeToo, 1965

The front cover of the 1965 Rice Follies program sort of resonates with contemporary concerns: Bonus:

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HMRC Thursday: “Enforce the Monroe Doctrine,” 1962

I continue to be boggled by the riches in the HMRC. Still working through the Houston Post photo archives I’ve reached 1962, which was quite an eventful year. This morning I found the Post photographs from President Kennedy’s famous moon … Continue reading

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Welcome New Alums!

You can send your checks directly to the Development Office! It’s undated but seems to be at the very peak of the short shorts era, so I’m guessing late 1980s. Bonus: Today I saw boots with no people in them.

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