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ktru tapes on Houston Matters

Click here to listen to my wonderful colleague in the Woodson Norie Guthrie talk about the ktru tapes she’s working with and the glorious surprises they contain. She’s on KUHF’s Houston Matters program and her interview starts at 43:18. It’s … Continue reading

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A Surprise in the Football Office

I was looking at a file cabinet full of old video and when I turned around I was happily surprised to see two pictures of campus I’d never seen before. The first is just a lovely image made in 1923 … Continue reading

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Speaking of lamp posts . . .

here’s a humdinger. Someone had the boxes of oversized photos out the other day so I started poking around in them a bit. I have limited tolerance for this because all the pictures are in envelopes and it’s just a … Continue reading

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Sunday Afternoon Lectures, 1951

What a lovely way to spend a late Sunday afternoon in the fall. I would go to all of these, if only for the chance to ask questions afterwards. Bonus: Do you see what I see?

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A Teacher

This is what the ideal university is: a committed teacher and engaged students. This is what we are when we’re at our best. Everything else is noise. Godspeed Dennis Huston and thank you. Enjoy your retirement!

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Friday Follies: We’re Definitely Going to Need Some Air-conditioning

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Fifteenth Reunion, 1934

Remember these rascals from a few weeks back? While I was looking for pictures of the back of Cohen House I stumbled upon a batch of fantastic images of their fifteenth reunion. The class reunions usually took place around commencement … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Time . . .

the literary societies were actually literary societies. I found this completely–completely!–by accident. Every single thing about it is interesting: More to come . . . Bonus: Speaking of interesting. Zoom in for a good look at the signs.

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The Day After, 1942

Remarkably, Rice remained closed for all but essential personnel again today. I can’t remember this ever happening before but if you’ve been paying attention you know why: it finally stopped raining but there’s still water all over the place. This … Continue reading

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Rained Out, 1953

From an Elizabeth Baldwin Literary Society scrapbook: It’s rained out today too. The library is closed for the morning (at the least) and I wasn’t going to try to drive in anyway. So I’m being responsible, staying home and catching … Continue reading

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