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“a singularly noble and significant piece of work,” 1929

This is an interesting letter from Ralph Adams Cram to Dr. Lovett about a visit with sculptor John Angel to see the model of the state of William Marsh Rice that was soon to be installed on campus. The reference … Continue reading

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“it might distract from his professional stature to represent him as a poet,” 1966

When I first read this I was left sputtering with disbelief and annoyance: The poems in question were written by Joseph Davies, Rice’s long serving and beloved professor of biology, who had recently passed away. The article that Miss Meredith … Continue reading

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Haskell Sheinberg, ’41

I learned late last week that Haskell Sheinberg ’41 recently passed away in his longtime home of Los Alamos. Apart from participating in Menorah Society activities, at Rice Sheinberg seems to have been focused almost entirely on his studies, quietly … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: The Names of All Delinquent Borrowers

will be sent . . . where?? I haven’t done anything wrong and this still makes me feel guilty. This is undated, by the way. Any help is appreciated. Bonus:  

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THINK, 1950

I’ve recently had cause to be thinking about the R1 computer and its uses, which led to me idly wondering what was the earliest Rice computer picture I’d ever seen. I think it’s this one, showing President Houston (in the … Continue reading

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“Preserve This For Future Use,” 1925

One of the most interesting things I’ve come across in a good long while is a small pamphlet issued by the Rice YMCA in the fall of 1925. I discovered it tucked away in the information files of all places, … Continue reading

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“it was just like being back in the dorms at school,” 1944

Some of the letters from Rice alumni serving in World War II relate stories of meeting up with other former Rice students in strange circumstances and locations. This one, from Whitlock Zander ’43, describes a pretty big reunion. Although the … Continue reading

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“to help Rommel make up his mind to quit,” 1944

Looking in a place I’d never looked before I found something that took my breath away. During World War II the Association of Rice Alumni tried hard to stay in touch with alums who were serving in the military, keeping … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Believe It Or Not, 1923

Undergraduate transportation humor from the pen of Jack Glenn (whose papers I will visit later this summer in Wyoming): The one about the girl getting on the street car made me laugh.

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Early Adopter, 1973

I looked at this picture several times before I saw the calculator. This was a meeting of the Rice Fund Council in May, 1973 so there are only a couple of things it could possibly be: I think it’s a … Continue reading

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