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Friday Afternoon Follies

I hope there’s not a bug down there.

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A Future Congressman, plus a Thank You

I had an exceptionally busy day today and in the course of it I had a conversation that touched on the man who represented Rice’s congressional district for three decades, Albert Thomas, ’20. Throughout those decades Thomas was a stalwart … Continue reading

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OK, so what’s this one?

Trying to help someone with a project about the history of engineering the other day, I thought that a worthwhile place to begin might be the papers of Jim Sims ’41, the long serving Civil Engineering professor and administrator. That seemed … Continue reading

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“The Way We Are”

One day last week as I was hunting for an image I came upon an entire slide carousel with each picture numbered and all in precise order. To me this was an immediately interesting exception to the haphazard arrangement that … Continue reading

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Bessie Smith, Class of 1923

Here’s yet another demonstration of how twisty things can be in the archives. As I was searching the photographic record of the early commencements, intent on understanding exactly how the processions worked, I had a nice laugh over this picture … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies

Don’t they look glorious?

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Procession Mania!

I’ve been going crazy over academic processions today! It’s totally out of control. When you go back and look closely at exactly where they are going and when, it seems like a mad kaleidoscope of marching. Well, sort of. You … Continue reading

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