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Bonfire, Part I

I looked up one day and realized that I had collected a pretty fair amount of material on the Rice bonfire. I’ve never had either the time or a reason to piece the story together but I do have the … Continue reading

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Building Signage, 1968

Add to the “never seen this before” pile: It’s also interesting that the screen doors are still there so late. Bonus: I’m traveling the next few day. Please lower your expectations even more!

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Phi Beta Kappa, 1929 and Radoslav Tsanoff

Sometimes something turns up that is interesting enough to keep even though I don’t have any clear idea of what I’m going to do with it. These pictures from the installation of Rice as the Texas Beta Chapter of Phi … Continue reading

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Introduction to Higher Geometry by William C. Graustein, Ph.D.

I was going through a stack of math books in Curt Michel’s office today when I came across an old one (published in 1930) that brought me up short: I couldn’t place it right away but I knew it meant … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Obsolete Technology Joke

Circa 1937. You have to zoom in to read it. Nuts!

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Tennis Courts . . . with sheds!

Talk about your pulse-quickening images! Here’s a blurry print of a fellow playing tennis, circa 1929: That’s quite a shed in the background, isn’t it? Two minutes later I found a glass plate negative taken from a bit farther out … Continue reading

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Queenie, Part 2

As soon as I read that wedding announcement I knew that I knew her. In real life, not just the archives. Several years ago EE professor Don Johnson went out of his way to introduce me to a very interesting … Continue reading

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Queenie, Part 1

Odd things happen in the Woodson Research Center with reassuring regularity. Once in a while, though, it gets out of hand. This particular story is one of the most unlikely episodes I’ve ever seen unspool here, a whole string of … Continue reading

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I Can’t Explain This, 1962

This unusual shot of President Pitzer is dated April, 1962 but I can’t find anything in the Thresher to explain it and from the little we can see it’s a pretty odd setup. Some kind of public relations film maybe? If … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Not Safe for Work

Nice shoes, though. Two things: it’s undated (’70s?) and I hope one of the images was flipped.

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