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“the first Christmas of peace in four years,” December 1945

The cover of the December 1945 issue of the Owl was Santa weirdness: But inside was a sober wish for perpetual peace in the wake of the war just concluded:   Merry Christmas to you all and let’s hope for … Continue reading

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“A Doll and a Game,” Christmas 1922

I’ve written in the past about The Owl magazine, a student run humor magazine that published during the late 1930s and 1940s. The original version of that magazine, though, first appeared during in the very early 1920s, probably with considerable … Continue reading

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Hanging Loose with Obsolete Technology, Christmas 1968

I got a real boot out of this Christmas ad from the campus store. I recognize all that stuff: Bonus: Speaking of shopping, I had to go to the Galleria to pick something up this afternoon. I don’t recommend this by … Continue reading

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Christmas Comes Early!

I usually post in the evening but this is so exciting I just can’t wait that long. I got an email last night from Bill Kendall ’55 ’56, who has turned out to be my Santa Claus this year. He … Continue reading

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Chaille Rice Christmas Party, Dow Elementary, 1964

The Chaille Rice Literary Society, named for the wife of early Rice trustee Benjamin Botts Rice, was one of several brought into being after World War II in the interest of providing more social opportunities for girls, who weren’t provided … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Professor Charles Garside of the History Department at Beer Bike

I love this picture. Says it all, really. My favorite thing is the completely uninterested small child with the crewcut near bottom right: It’s undated–let me know if you do. Bonus: I’ll be sporadic next week, although I think I … Continue reading

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Rice Institute, The Picnic School, 1941

It sounds quite unlikely but that’s what they’re claiming here: The closest I’ve seen to an all-school picnic during my time here was the one behind the library during the centennial celebration in October, 2012, more than 70 years after … Continue reading

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Hanszen 229, 1957

After I got over the shock of Kinsey’s sudden appearance yesterday I spent some time studying the interior dorm shots in Mr. Davidson’s slides. I conclude thus: He lived in South Hall when he arrived at Rice and stayed there … Continue reading

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Let Us Raise a Glass Tonight to Jim Kinsey

Every once in a while I see something so unexpected that I lose my breath. This afternoon I was scanning some more of the slides that were given to us by David Davidson ’57 ’58, enjoying his interesting eye and … Continue reading

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1967 Revisions–Rice University Student Handbook

We have copies of all the student handbooks in the Woodson but as whoever wrote this list noted, the changes from year to year tend to be quite small. Thus, if you need to know when something changed trying to … Continue reading

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