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Friday Follies: If It Were Me I’d Keep Both Hands on the Building

It’s from a beer-bike, and it looks like a pretty early one. I have to assume he didn’t fall because I would have heard about it.

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HMRC Thursday: Emmett Brunson, Rice Ticket Master, 1961

I ran across this picture of Emmett Brunson in the Houston Post photo collection in the downtown archives last week and I fell head over heels. Just look at the look on his face! He wasn’t going to slap on … Continue reading

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The I/O Song, 1978

Last weekend the Computer Science Department celebrated its 35th anniversary with a big event. It was by all accounts a wonderful weekend and the best part (for me, anyway) is that some deeply meaningful historical information surfaced. This comes courtesy … Continue reading

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The Lights in the Mech Lab Cloisters

I got a question today about the original lighting in the cloisters on the front of the Mech Lab. I almost laughed at how easy this question was—I remembered right away that we have a great picture from the 1910s … Continue reading

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First Draft: Space Science, 1963

I found these among the papers of Alex Dessler, the founding chairman of the Space Science Department. The first draft, in Dessler’s handwriting: And the final product, almost as first written. And red too. One might question the need for … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Bean-a-prof, 1958

Ann has murder in her eye and I say who could blame her: Bonus: Hungry Rice folks wouldn’t let a little thing like a Gulf Coast downpour interfere with their enjoyment of farm fresh hors d’oeuvres. (Hat tip to Brandon … Continue reading

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HMRC Thursday: In Which I Am Utterly Astonished

Gobsmacked, really. By this photograph of Rice Provost Carey Croneis with the 1960 Rice commencement speaker, Chancellor Harvie Branscomb of Vanderbilt University: Some of you may recall that I’ve written a book about the desegregation of the major private universities … Continue reading

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