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Come Hell or High Water, 1975

Well, I’m back in town after the holiday weekend. My trip to Seguin had to be postponed but it was for a wonderful reason: a generous donor offered a collection (quite an important one) to the Woodson and I needed … Continue reading

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Good Contact, c1970

I love baseball and I hope Rice plays until there aren’t any games left. Rebellious as I am, I refused to crop it. Bonus: I’m headed off early for the long weekend, partly for fun and then with a side … Continue reading

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“the passing of an old sentinel,” 1921

Yesterday I was looking for something in some William Ward Watkin materials and I found this little poem written by Dr. Lovett and its accompanying explanation. It was in a folder labeled “Landscaping.” While I do follow the logic, that … Continue reading

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Your Summer Assignment, 1915

Deny everything. These rumors are pretty interesting, even 102 years later: Bonus: View from third floor of Space Science, which is about to start demo for the big renovation.

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Friday Follies: En garde!

Oh, those zany band guys. There’s actually quite a bit going on in this picture. Bonus: 

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Gate Number . . . 4??

I was not expecting this: It’s there right at the bottom–drawings for Gate 4, with wonderful owls on the top. I’m on record as not being a total nut for owls (I’ve seen way too many collections of owls made … Continue reading

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Another Note About Gate Number 3

There’s really no end to the things you could say about Gate Number 3. In a single afternoon in the Woodson I found more information and images than I can coherently discuss so here are just a few of the … Continue reading

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Farewell to Gate Number 3

Now that commencement is over they’re set to demolish the Third Gate, or at least its eastern half, in order to manage the traffic flow out of the new parking garage behind Allen Center: That gate has been here for … Continue reading

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I Had Jury Duty Today

I’m going to need a couple minutes to collect myself. Be back tomorrow. Bonus: Downtown Houston from the 18th floor of the Criminal Courts.

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Friday Follies: Rain Out

This year looks to be safely dry but I enjoyed finding this photograph of what looks to be a Facilities department skit dramatizing the chaos the accompanies rain at commencement time: I suspect this is funnier if you know these … Continue reading

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