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Friday Afternoon Follies: “Don’t Tell Mom”

Just like Vegas, what happens in Brown College stays in Brown College. Except, of course, when it winds up on the internet.

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“Engineering at Rice Institute,” 1959

I’m lucky. I was on my knees back in the shelves looking for something and from that odd vantage point I noticed a small booklet I’d never seen before. It’s just fantastic. It’s dated December, 1959 and here’s what it … Continue reading

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Dinner in Baker Commons, 1958

I’m too tired to talk tonight so for your enjoyment I give you two photographs of dinner in Baker Commons, sometime in the fall of 1958. Different world. Bonus:

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Brown College Scrapbooks and An Old Friend

I came in today to a glorious surprise: Thanks to the efforts of my colleague, Norie, a couple of generations worth of Brown College coordinators and an untold number of students, we have received safely into our care a large … Continue reading

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Donald Norgaard and his Television, 1934

Digging around in materials from the 1930s recently, I first flipped right past this picture from the Campanile, then turned back to it when I realized what I’d just seen: It captures an exhibit from the 1934 Engineering Show being … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies: Dr. Bill in a Skirt

I’m betting this was a costume rather than just leisure wear. The Wiess College collection is packed full of hundreds of photographs that were taken by Dr. Bill Wilson, so it’s not surprising that there aren’t too many of Dr. … Continue reading

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“Winter Event”

That’s what they’re calling the weather we’re apparently about to get: sleet, rain, freezing rain, maybe a little snow up north. I’m sure that whatever falls, it will be a hot mess on the roads tomorrow morning, but it’s not … Continue reading

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Ralph Anderson, Jr., ’43, ’47

Not long ago a patron was in the Woodson doing research in the papers of architect Ralph Anderson. I had known of the existence of this collection and even been aware that Anderson was a Rice grad but I’d never … Continue reading

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“A Classic Duel Reenacted!”: Women’s Beer Bike, 1973

These turned up last week, artifacts from a very brief window of time. They were in a box of materials that had been kept and carefully notated by Frances Brotzen, then co-Master of Brown. Bonus: The littlest archivist. It’s my … Continue reading

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Wayne Collins, ’48

It was so nice outside today I almost forgot to write a post. After a brief moment of panic I remembered that I had something ready. Remember this post from last week about the origins of the Rice NROTC unit? … Continue reading

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