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Friday Afternoon Follies

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I noticed this out on the quad on Monday morning and my spirits immediately lifted. It’s like the first robin of spring. In no time at all, it looks like this: Every … Continue reading

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The Carillon in the Chapel

This might be the most interesting thing I saw in the chapel. I went to college at a school (Iowa State) that had a carillon and I always loved it, even as a callow undergraduate. I’d even seen it up … Continue reading

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The Chandelier in the Chapel and a Postcard Collection

First, let me thank everyone who chimed in with information gleaned from their weddings. I got a couple of comments, some emails, and two people stopped me on campus to let me know that the chandelier was there when they … Continue reading

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The Chapel, Part I

There’s much to tell about our visit to the chapel and the research that followed. I’m going to start with the organ and the guy who played it, because I like it and I like him as well. I was … Continue reading

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I Lost My Internet Connection, and some miscellany

I had kind of a wild day yesterday, covered quite a bit of ground. I found myself climbing metal rungs up the inside of the campanile tower, then later up in the organ loft in the chapel. I spent the … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies, Thursday edition

There is no way I’m posting one of these on Good Friday, so this is it until Monday. (Unless I’m overcome with the need to say something, of course, which in all honesty could happen.) I cannot look at this … Continue reading

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LBJ Drops In Unannounced

On August 14, 1968, President Lyndon Johnson landed in a helicopter in the Rice Stadium parking lot with absolutely no warning. At about 11:30 that morning someone in the Rice administration got a phone call from a reporter, who told … Continue reading

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