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When Did It Become O-Week?

Last week I got an email from a curious reader that raised a question I don’t know how to answer: Although I understand you’re not a fan of O-week, I wonder if you’d be interested in the history of the … Continue reading

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“Gone”: Ira South, 1918

It’s true that there were no fatalities on the Rice campus from the 1918 influenza epidemic, but we did lose one exceptional person to the disease while he was away serving in the military. His name was Ira South and … Continue reading

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The Spanish Flu at Rice, 1918

It’s been a rough flu season in Houston this year but thankfully nothing like the epidemic of 1918. I recently ran across this account of that flu at the fledgling Rice Institute, written by E. Finley Carter (who I talked … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Electrical Engineers, 1956

It’s captioned “This beats girls any day!” Heh. Bonus: This could be vandalism. Or I suppose that given the times we live in it might be art. Anyone know?

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One of my favorite things to emerge from the Faculty Club papers is this little draft of an invitation: This performance by the Faculty Gilbert & Sullivan group began a tradition that lasted until 1966. The idea of this is … Continue reading

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The Tsanoffs: “that magic we sense when we are in their presence”

The other day I was looking for something in a scrapbook I’d used many times before and I noticed a photograph that had somehow escaped my attention. (No man ever steps in the same scrapbook twice!) It is very early, … Continue reading

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Senior Follies, 1962: “Tired of chasing jocks? Chase me.”

I got a kick out this program for the 1962 Senior Follies. Although youthful high spirits can sometimes be exhausting this is clever, sweet, and fun. Also, I am acquainted with several of these rascals, all of whom became serious … Continue reading

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