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Post-Thanksgiving Follies: Back to Work, People

A scholar’s work is never done.

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Thanksgiving, 1975: Over the River and Through the Woods

I can’t remember why I was looking through issues of the Thresher from the fall of 1975, but I’m sure I had some good reason. Whatever it was, much to my surprise I found this from the week before Thanksgiving: I had … Continue reading

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Rice Status Guide, 1967

Some of this is mystifying, but some of it does feel familiar and all of it is a nice snapshot of life on the ground at Rice in the late ’60s. I believe the author was Thomas Cantrell of the … Continue reading

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Field Trip

A January, 1957 visit to Dow Chemical in Freeport! I really like both these images. First, here’s President Houston in his safety goggles (good form, sir!): And here’s a shot of the Rice gang enjoying a treat in a Dow … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies: Same to You, Kid

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Brotherly Love

Here are brothers Charles and Robert Blair leaving home in Vernon, Texas, way up on the Oklahoma border, for the long trip to the Rice Institute. It was in the fall of 1930. : Their final destination, Room 407, East Hall Tower, … Continue reading

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“Last Days of the Old Footbridge”

In yesterday’s comments someone mentioned the footbridge over Harris Gully (or the “Blue Danube” as the map has it). Here it is in a small, blurry image from 1926: Coincidentally, this afternoon I came upon this ad in a 1950 … Continue reading

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Campus Map, 1944!

Wow! Check this beauty out: It appeared in the first issue of the Thresher of the 1944 school year. To my great delight it is full of things I don’t know anything about. Already, though, I’ve found one thing–a 1946 … Continue reading

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You know what always makes a great picture? Pole vaulters, that’s what. This first shot is very early, probably 1916. I think it’s one of the five or six best images that I’ve come across in Rice’s collections. Do yourself a … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies: Homecoming, 1951

This newspaper clipping came out of an alumni scrapbook. I might be mistaken, but I believe that’s the only picture I’ve ever seen of Dr. Lovett goofing around. Dr. Houston seems to be having a jolly time as well. Folly … Continue reading

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