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“My dear Mr. La Prade,” 1943

I had hoped to post this yesterday for Memorial Day but found myself far from any internet connection. Even today I don’t have access to photoshop so I can’t set the scan straight. But I found this letter so moving … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: No Pressing Business

The only way this could be better would be if they were cooling off their feet in a baby pool.  Or if they had beer. Or both. Bonus: One of the things I’ve learned about commencement is that a lot … Continue reading

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A Hole in the Wall, 1958

A while ago I was leafing through some photos of the 1958 renovation of Cohen House and I was startled by this one: I’d seen other images that were taken about the same time and one had even been used … Continue reading

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The Rice Players Third Annual Shakespeare Festival, 1950 something

One of the pleasures of Commencement is that it brings people in to see me who I otherwise don’t get to see. Among my visitors this year were loyal reader Rob Brazile (’86) and his wife Juli (’85), who were … Continue reading

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Hanging Out at Wiess

We had a bit of a hubbub in the comments both here and on Facebook over the misspelling of “Wiess” in the street sign that I posted last night. It made me smile and brought back to mind the days … Continue reading

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And Now For Something Completely Different

A loyal reader sends these snapshots of some intriguing street signs in a new Las Colinas, Texas townhouse development: Does anyone know the story?? Bonus: Sometimes it’s just better not to ask any questions.    

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Friday Follies: Go Wiess Jocks!

I’m sure this helped boost morale.

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Maxwell O. Reade, 1916-2016

I woke up this morning and as usual immediately checked Alan Shelby’s daily RUBPA email for all the Rice news. Thus I learned of the passing of Maxwell Reade, Ph.D ’40 at the age of 100 years and two days. … Continue reading

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Fairy Ring, 1992

I was going through some stuff with Ron Sass this morning (don’t worry, he’s fine!) and I was happy to come across these images of a pretty nearly perfect fairy ring in front of the Shepherd School. They were dated … Continue reading

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When I walked out onto the quad on Friday I felt the strangest sensation. What I saw was this: And what I immediately thought of was this, from 86 years ago: They had some problems with one of those big … Continue reading

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