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The Rice Fight Song, 1944

I’ve recently begun digging around in materials about the history of various Rice songs. I don’t know whether this is surprising or not but that history is quite tangled. Songs–fight songs, alma maters, hymns– kind of came and went, some … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Summer’s Coming

It’s spring break next week so summer is on the way. This picture of a couple guys rolling the clay tennis courts (circa I’d say 1918ish) made me laugh. Or rather the decoration etched on it made me laugh. Two … Continue reading

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“Rice Institute at Twilight”

We had a patron in the Woodson today who was doing research in the papers of Stockton Axson, who taught English at Rice from 1914 until his death in 1935. I have to confess that if I ever knew we … Continue reading

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“a dyed-in-the-wool Rice man,” 1941

Here’s one that just straight blew my mind. George R. Brown was one of the most pivotal figures in the development of the modern Rice University and a dominating presence on the Rice board for over twenty five years. His … Continue reading

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The Back Side of the Front Desk in the Physics Amphitheater

Paging through a 1925 Campanile this afternoon I came across something I realized I’d never seen before: Every other image I’ve laid eyes on shows (for good and obvious reasons) the front side of this desk, thusly: I must confess … Continue reading

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“You’re only young once!” 1963

Last week’s post about the mattress party got me thinking about all the interesting party photos and memorabilia that I’ve come across over the years. Here’s one of my favorites: Two things in particular jump out at me here. First, … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: BYOM, 1970

Interesting concept–the beer is free but you have to provide your own mattress. I would surely fall asleep.

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