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Back of Their Heads, no date

Not bragging but I can identify all those guys just by looking at the back of their heads. Left to right are Robert Ray ’25 , Newton Rayzor ’17, George Brown, and Malcolm Lovett Sr. ’21. It’s not dated but … Continue reading

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“From the Swingin’ Twenties to the Sophisticated Seventies,” 1977

In one of the deeply weird developments that I’ve long since come to expect, some of the things that turned up in the box of materials that Grungy dug out of the stadium are papers related to the 50th anniversary … Continue reading

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“The Fabulous Tidelands Motor Inn,” no date

First, let me apologize for the sorry quality of these images, which you can probably tell are just iphone pictures. This was the last thing I did before I left for Washington and I was rushing so fast I just … Continue reading

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O’Connor Time Lapse, 2021-2022

I’m off on my annual trip up to Washington state where I have been playing a lot of golf with very mixed results. Even here, though, Rice is never far away and I was recently sent this neat time lapse … Continue reading

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