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Packed House, 1956

I am fascinated by this image of a full gymnasium and leaping cheerleaders. There’s something almost otherworldly about it: I found this write-up of the game in one of the old alumni scrapbooks: We had a very good season that … Continue reading

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What Do These People Have In Common?, 1999

It’s a rainy day today, which reminded me of this charming image: But what do these people have in common, besides a shared conviction that they won’t melt in the rain and the fact that they’re all really nice? It … Continue reading

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“Disorder prevention,” 1963

One of the contrasts that never fails to entertain is the one between undergraduate hijinks and the serious discussion thereof by senior administrators. This one is a classic, with the Committee on Outdoor Sports handing down their verdict on Sammy … Continue reading

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Just One More Thing, 1926 With Update

Update: The first time I got interested in the 1926 Math Department photo (five years ago!) I found myself perplexed about the location of the group and had to go out to look for it. It was changed from the … Continue reading

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I Made A Mistake In One of Those Math Department Posts

It was this post, about Hubert Bray ’18, the first man to get a doctorate at Rice. This mistake led me down quite an interesting path. Even as I wrote it I was bothered in the back of my mind … Continue reading

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