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It’s Beer Bike Weekend!

So I’ll be gathering up the children and heading out of town.

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I mentioned the Holmes McNeely Papers just a couple days ago and when I arrived today there they were sitting on a book truck in the back of the Woodson as if I had summoned them with the power of … Continue reading

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Missed It By That Much

I meant to post this on Monday the 27th but . . . I forgot! Sometimes there’s nothing to do but laugh at yourself. Bonus: Last week at the track stadium. Extra Bonus: You can get just a glimpse (above) … Continue reading

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The Tuba Player, 1965

A couple of weeks ago we were given some wonderful pictures of former Rice band director Holmes McNeely by his grandson. We’re grateful to have them and they’ll be added to the McNeely Papers that the family donated earlier. Among … Continue reading

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Pictures from on Top of Something, c 1957

Someone sent me a fantastic batch of photographs yesterday and I’ve been poring over them this afternoon. They’re from the late 1950s (I feel comfortable calling them late 1957) and they are remarkably sharp images. This first one is a … Continue reading

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Friday Bonus: Every Friday From Now On!

Spotted over in Duncan Hall. I think they’re serious this time.

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Friday Follies: Who’s the hottie in the middle??

Real tough guys in their beanies: Thanks to Quin McWhirter, ’62.

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