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A Peek Through the Trees at Main Street, Early 1950s

We’ve recently had some lads in the Woodson digging around in old track photographs. This has, of course, given me an opportunity to do the same thing. It’s been something of a revelation as I’ve been able to get a … Continue reading

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Org Chart

There aren’t very many organizational charts floating around the archives. For decades the place was so small no one could have possibly needed one, then after it started to get complicated I guess no one wanted to write anything down. … Continue reading

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Pep, 1930’s Style

This is one of those nights when I have a lot I want to talk about but lack the energy to do it. Maybe we’ll have better luck tomorrow! In the meantime, to keep us all in the right frame … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Side Show

I’ve had a long, hard week. How about a picture of some hairy guys wearing feed sacks to cheer us all up?! It’s not dated but it must be from a time when feed sacks were still readily obtainable in … Continue reading

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My Lunch with Bonnie Hellums

I had a great time at lunch today with Bonnie Hellums, who from 1969 until 1984 served Rice as Director of Student Activities, Head of Counseling, and Foreign Student Advisor–an awfully interesting portfolio: I learned at least four highly relevant … Continue reading

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Katherine Tsanoff Brown, 1919-2016

I was very saddened to learn of the death last week of Katherine Tsanoff Brown. The daughter of Rice’s first philosophy professor, Radoslav Tsanoff, and his formidable wife Corrinne, Katherine was raised at the young Institute with the other faculty … Continue reading

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Student Handbook, Fall 1958

This could hardly be more interesting: Here’s what the campus looked like when the students arrived that fall: Quite different from today, obviously, but what really struck me was something else. Here are the rules of student conduct: And here’s … Continue reading

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It Can’t Happen Here, Part II

A couple of weeks ago retired Physics Professor Steve Baker sent over a package of materials. It took a while for me to get to it but when I did I was just delighted with its contents. Most of it … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Talking

This looks intense but fun. It’s unlabeled and undated, naturally. If you can identify any of these kids (or if you were one yourself) let me know. Bonus: Roofing materials for Rayzor Hall.

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Some Unexpected African American Students at Rice, 1964

Yesterday afternoon I left campus right after lunch to start packing for our move to a new house. The movers will do a lot of it for you but I can’t find a way to trust anyone else with my … Continue reading

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