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No. Just No. 1918

This is almost the definition of an unexpected find–a petition signed by the better part of the female students, asking simply that they be allowed to play tennis on the campus women’s courts with friends who weren’t enrolled at the … Continue reading

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“In Memory Of,” 2022

While I was home sick with covid a thought occurred to me and kept rolling around in my mind, causing me a bit of worry. If you’ve stuck around here for a while you may remember I spent too much … Continue reading

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A&M Train List, 1946

I was looking for something specific in the Woodson yesterday and, as usual, I didn’t locate even a wisp of what I needed. But, again as usual, I found some other interesting and surprising things. I was moderately interested by … Continue reading

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Your Limits Are Seldom Where You Think They Are

This morning I went back to the gym for the first time since I got covid. The covid wasn’t really bad, just moderate head cold symptoms accompanied by serious fatigue. Still, I’m worn out from it and so I’m particularly … Continue reading

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Josephine Abercrombie, 1926-2022

Josephine Abercrombie ’46 served Rice for a very long time. Even apart from her family’s gift that made Abercrombie Lab possible she remained throughout her life generous with both money and time. Among many other things she was a member … Continue reading

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You Always Hate to See Beer Go to Waste, 1959

This from the packet of photos sent in by Karl Benson ’63. I just had a positive covid test and when I looked at this I instantly identified with the young woman laid out on the bed. If I felt … Continue reading

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