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Friday Afternoon Follies: When You’re a Senior, You Get Two Bowls

Carl Knapp and a couple of friends, enjoying some ice cream in 1916. I can’t be sure but they may have been across the street from campus at the Owl.

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Electrical Engineering Lab, 1915

Some of the rarest things in the archives are pictures that were taken inside labs and classrooms. I suppose that makes sense—people were working in there, not goofing around with cameras. Until Carl Knapp’s scrapbooks turned up last week we … Continue reading

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On The Sad Insufficiency of Past Tents

As long as there have been parties, there have been people putting up tents to hold the crowds. Here’s one from Rice Homecoming in 1956: And here’s one for some event at Wiess House, back when the Wiess family lived … Continue reading

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The R2 Computer, with a little bonus

I employed my special “pull things off the shelves randomly” research technique the other day and once again it proved effective. I believe that machine is part of the R2 computer. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of … Continue reading

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Wherein The Knapp Sisters Bring Me Joy

Last Friday I had some charming visitors in the Woodson. Elizabeth Knapp Gayle, ’41, and Carolyn Knapp Hohl, ’43 came in to see their father’s scrapbook that we have in the Woodson. I’ve mentioned their father, Carl, ’16, many times … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies: 70s Style!

When I found these pictures of Barry Dunning of the Physics Department on a contact sheet, I felt almost giddy. You just don’t see paisley shirts much these days. They must have been taken circa 1970: But do you think … Continue reading

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Weekly Video: Baseball!

Only two more of these left, folks! Any suggestions for what they should be? (No promises.)

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