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Caesar Lombardi to Captain Baker, February 9, 1914

Here’s something worth some serious mulling over. Caesar Lombardi was one of the original Rice trustees. He was Swiss born and arrived in the United States in 1860. Educated in New Orleans at Loyola College, he was the only one … Continue reading

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Sallyport Parking Lot, 1959

I dropped my laptop today and wrecked the screen. Seriously! It was time for a new one anyway but I didn’t have the happy-go-lucky afternoon I expected when the day dawned. Still, I perked up a bit when I came … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Jones North, c 1970

This isn’t really a folly, but rather a charming, joy filled photo, sent in by a loyal reader. You need the context to really appreciate it so I’m using her email to explain. I’ve lightly edited it to take out … Continue reading

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Bonner Lab with Ugly Vehicle, 1954

I was looking at this pretty early picture of the Nuclear Research Lab (later named the Bonner Lab in memory of Tom Bonner ’32, ’34), intently studying the landscaping when I finally looked over at the sleek automobile over on … Continue reading

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A Tiny Surprise, 1952

Stuff flows into the Woodson steadily, week by week, like small river. Some of it is big important stuff and some of it isn’t, but it’s never boring. This afternoon a colleague showed me a recent acquisition that left me … Continue reading

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The Rice Board with Senior Administrators, 1962

Now this is something fabulous. In recent years the Rice trustees have regularly posed as a group for official photographs. But for decades–most of our history, really–it seems that no one thought that was a good idea. Or if someone … Continue reading

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Home Sick

Nothing serious, but blecch I feel lousy. Some things never change: Bonus: Hope to be back tomorrow.

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