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A Minor Weather-related Construction Delay, 1911

It’s raining again but not this much. So far. Bonus: Before it started raining it was fixing to rain. I just made it to my car.

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Football Film Circulating Library, 1952

For many years much of what the alumni association did was help manage the activities of a fairly large number of local Rice Clubs. This commonly took the form of bringing speakers from campus out to other cities or helping … Continue reading

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“Dollars Before Culture,” 1960

Here’s a photograph that left me puzzled for quite some time. A couple of things about it are clear: it shows Rice students protesting at KHOU and it’s pretty early in the 1960s, well before you’d expect to see any … Continue reading

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“they faded into insignificance beside his splendor,” 1917

There’s always one in every crowd. Here’s Charles Dana Pennybacker ’20, who doesn’t really look the type:

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“Students Have Food Fight at Table,” 1918

Looking for something else in an old scrapbook I discovered this newspaper article attached to a small piece of paper that had come loose and lodged inside the back cover. This is quite a good story, a vibrant contemporaneous account … Continue reading

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Rice, 1974

These came off a contact sheet I was looking at today. (I won’t say why I was looking at it in order to protect the guilty.) They are simply images of a random day at Rice in 1974. I think … Continue reading

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A Basketball Road Trip, 1957

I’ve been considering running away from home lately but I can’t because my car in is in the shop. An airbag blew up. It was  . . . impressive. It seems my only option is to hitch a ride with … Continue reading

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