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March 22, 1988: Part 1

I was squinting at a sheet of slides this afternoon when I noticed that they all had the same date stamp: March 22, 1988. They must have been taken by Tommy Lavergne, who would still have been a relative newcomer … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Eggs Marks the Spot

I stole that title from this 1920s-era article I found in a student scrapbook: I bet the cleanup was epic. Bonus: Spotted in Huff House. You first.

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An Airplane Ride, 1934

I’m on my way to Omaha for a meeting and I wish I could say that I was as excited about my flight as young Joan Wilson was about hers: Bonus:  I don’t really like Terminal B very much.  

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Parking Problems, 1948

Over the years I’ve amassed a nice collection of campus parking memos and other automobile-related altercations from a half-dozen universities. They are among the most unintentionally comic of all university communications (despite lots of competition in this genre) and I … Continue reading

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Veteran’s Day Celebrations, 2019 and 2001

Once again this year’s Veteran’s Day celebration on campus was beautiful. Hank Hudspeth ’40 and George Hirasaki ’67 were honored for their service and Rocky Villafranca, currently a Midshipman First Class in the Rice NROTC made me weep with his … Continue reading

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Sprint Relay Team, no date

This is picture is unidentified except for this bit on the back: “track sprint relay team.” So not only do we not know the date, we’re also in the dark about who they managed to get to wear those goofy … Continue reading

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Homecoming 2019: The R1 Computer

I don’t know why I never thought of telling everyone they were welcome to visit the Woodson during Homecoming before but I’m glad I did it this year. We saw a significant amount of action, all of it hugely enjoyable, … Continue reading

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