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Rice Athletic Association

I’m on vacation and hence a bit sluggish but I do have something I’ve been thinking about recently. I noticed a long time ago that there was once (and for quite some time) an entity called the “Rice Athletic Association.” … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Before There Were Drones . . .

we had gliders. I don’t know if they’re working or playing, although in a perfect world it would be both at once. Bonus: This came from my friend John Wolda. I think it’s a sign. Not sure of what. I’m … Continue reading

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A Novel Approach to Shirts and Skins

I’m still home sick, very fuzzy headed. Luckily I keep a stash of things to pull out on these occasions, things I don’t know anything about but which are interesting on their own. These two pictures came out of a … Continue reading

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Masterson Speaks, 1969

I’ve been home in bed all day with what I hope is just a bad cold. Miserable, yes, but it did allow me time enough to listen to something that absolutely blew my mind. A few days ago my colleague … Continue reading

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Mischief Behind Physics

I got a half dozen emails yesterday about the door that has gone missing from the back of the old Physics Building. I have to admit that this is a startling sight: Some of my correspondents were worried because, well, … Continue reading

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“Where Hippies Are Few,” 1967

In the course of any given week I see a lot of interesting articles in the various Rice publications that I need for research. This one I could not resist: One hardly knows where to begin. Bonus:    

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Football Friday: “hold fast to courage”

Some cheering words from Coach Heisman in the (somewhat worse for the wear) 1925 program for Rice’s annual Thanksgiving Day game with Baylor: Go Owls. Bonus: Where the heck did these come from? They weren’t there yesterday when I left.

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