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Friday Follies: Bottoms Up

Today is the last day of classes AND San Jacinto Day! Bonus: Not “ahead” so much really. It was more like “above.”

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“I have very great hopes of these men,” 1909

I’ve had occasion lately to be thinking about the construction of Lovett Hall. I went back to a collection that was in part the topic of my second post on this blog: Sundry Contracts. As it turned out there are … Continue reading

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High Water Line, 4-19-79

It’s been a rainy spring and it rained again this morning, pretty hard. It was nothing, though, compared to what happened 38 years ago. Zoom in and take a close look at this map of where the water went: Yikes. … Continue reading

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College Magisters

Of course no one asked me but if they had I would have told them that we actually used the word “magister” for a while, at least in writing. I suspect it wasn’t used in speech because it’s frankly kind … Continue reading

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“With Greetings at Eastertide,”nd

This is what I intended to post for Easter before I came across those irresistible bunnies last week. As far as I can tell the two images have nothing in common: This one is a small Easter card sent by … Continue reading

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Easter Will Never Be the Same

I was already planning to take tomorrow off for Good Friday but after seeing this I might need an extra couple days: The third bunny from the left looks a bit familiar to me but I can’t quite place him.

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I Need a Little Help With This One, nd

I love this picture. Both the woman and the technology surrounding her are simply wonderful. (I’ve started giving some thought, by the way, to just going ahead and attaching my glasses to a chain. Maybe I’m just kidding myself but … Continue reading

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