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I Don’t Know about You, But I’m Thinking of Ordering a Pizza

Central Kitchen, circa early 1990s:

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Humanities Building Groundbreaking, With a Bit of Self-Indulgence

Believe it or not, on most days I’m working fairly hard to make these posts interesting to other people. Once in a while, however, I just want to put pictures up because I like them. That’s what I’m doing today. … Continue reading

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Memorandum, October 29, 1962

I was doing some research this afternoon and this caught me up short. It was written the day after Khrushchev agreed to remove the missiles from Cuba:    

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It’s rained quite a bit the last couple of days. Not this much, though: The photo is unlabeled, but context suggests that it might have been taken around the same time as this one, which is dated 1994 and credited … Continue reading

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Dedication, 1941

The editors of the 1941 Campanile did an unusual thing. They dedicated that yearbook not to a person, as was customary, but to the buildings of the Institute. It’s well worth your time:

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Friday Afternoon Loveliness

I am deeply grateful to John “Grungy” Gladu for (among many other things) doing the considerable work of scanning several discs worth of Bert Roth-era (late ’60s through ’70s) MOB photos. As I looked through them this morning, I found … Continue reading

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A Characteristic Pose

For some reason lost to history there are a very large number of photos of President Hackerman in the files, enough so that I’ve gradually noticed some themes begin to develop. (My earlier  “Obsolete Technology + Norman Hackerman” post shows … Continue reading

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“Call 3333”

The first thing I noticed here was the crazier than ordinary owl picture on the wall. The third thing I noticed was that the guy with the grin is Scott Wise, (’71, ’73). I don’t really have a good guess … Continue reading

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The Bud Morehead Collection and Stadium Construction, 1950

Oh my goodness, I had a wild archival day today. I started out trying very hard to find something which I did not find (although I  still hold out hope). Multiple twists later I found myself up to my elbows … Continue reading

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Obsolete Technology: Fondren Edition

I’ve had this photograph for quite a while and every time I look at it I’m filled with longing. It’s labeled on the back “Fondren Staff Area, 1966.” I don’t have a good mental map of how the library was … Continue reading

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