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The Rice Decennial Celebration, 1922

It was pretty low key, as these things go. John Grier Hibben, Woodrow Wilson’s successor as president of Princeton, gave an address at the annual Thanksgiving Day reunion “in commemoration of the completion of the first ten years of the … Continue reading

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New and Improved Physics Construction Photo with Something Unexpected

I’ve been on the road today but I managed to make it into the Woodson for a few minutes this morning to have another look at those physics building construction pictures. I didn’t see another photo of the exact same … Continue reading

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Physics Construction: Worse than Yesterday

I’m still looking carefully at those photos of the construction of the physics building–I had one look at this and felt a cold chill. Zoom in and look at the left side of the tall structure. Please someone tell me … Continue reading

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The Construction of the Physics Building, 1914

I was in the stacks this afternoon looking for something and once again I found something else. (Lest you think I’m a complete idiot, I also found what I set out after. I try to maintain the delicate balance between … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies: Boys

“Men” seems a little ambitious. I’m calling this circa 1960 but I wonder if it might be a bit earlier.

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A Big Surprise Behind the Physics Amphitheater

A little while ago I was contemplating this photograph: It’s Carl Knapp, of course, and he’s posing in the Physics Amphitheater on the day of his graduation in 1916. I like the picture very much–he must have been proudly showing … Continue reading

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Where Did Rice Play Its Basketball Games Before Autry Court Was Built?

I don’t know. I had assumed that they played in the field house after it was built in 1921, but the other day I was looking at some pictures from the late 20s that I’d never seen before and a … Continue reading

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The Rice Institute Business Manager Papers

I’ve briefly mentioned this collection a couple of times before, in connection with early maps of Rice and its vicinity, but not until today did I have an opportunity to really start digging in it. It’s glorious. The bulk of the … Continue reading

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I’m Too Lazy To Say Much Today, But . . .

I never get tired of this pot. That’s Hattie Lel Red, the first woman to enroll and the first to graduate from Rice, posing with it in 1914. Bonus: Either this tree is about to fall over or I am.

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Friday Afternoon Follies: Very Philosophical Edition

This is one of the Rice-iest pictures I’ve seen in quite a while. It’s a Philosophy Club image from c1982.

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