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Maxwell O. Reade, Ph.D. ’40

Through a sequence of events that began with a question about the history of the math department, I found myself bouncing around for most of yesterday through the late 1930s. It was a terrifically enjoyable ride, mostly due to the … Continue reading

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My Geography Puzzle Solved

I confess that I had been dreading the first day back at work after Thanksgiving. We spent last week up in Omaha visiting my granddaughter, Ann. She is very cute as well as very advanced. See how she can smile … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies

Once again, I’m completely at a loss. Whatever she’s doing, though, it’s clearly riveting.

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Happy Thanksgiving–Gratitude, Football and Dinner

Here’s another look at the Thanksgiving Reunion held at Rice in 1919, effectively our first Homecoming. (I wrote about this last year too, but I have some new images this time.) It had all the ingredients. The day began with … Continue reading

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A Campus Geography Puzzle

Sad but true: this is my job, but sometimes I still get quite confused about where things are (or were). As I’ve continued to look closely at the slides I found in Joseph Davies papers, I find myself both increasingly … Continue reading

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A Moment of Glory, or The 1962 Houston Phone Book

A while back I came across a file that held the front cover of the 1962 Houston phone book. It’s a nice image taken on the Rice campus, a young man and a young woman standing by the RMC in … Continue reading

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No Class

You know, some days it’s just not going to happen. Tomorrow looks promising, though.

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