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Friday Follies: Ennui with Cheesecake, circa 1924

Classic dormitory boredom, West Hall, probably either 1923 or 1924 based on the banner between the windows. Bonus: Speaking of folly.  

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HMRC Thursday: Aggies Return Kidnapped Sammy, 1962

This sequence of photos from the Houston Post Collection (RGD0006N-1962-6086) was taken on November 12, 1962. How those rascals got Sammy in the first place I do not know but they certainly seem to be treating him with a great … Continue reading

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“Mein Kampfanile,” 1959

This morning I was looking at this sweet image of Rice girls enjoying a book when I realized two things. First, the picture was dated 1960 but it had to have been taken in the fall of 1959. And second, … Continue reading

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“Population of the birds . . . range as high as 6 million,” 1975

Last Friday’s post with the helicopter and swirling grackles drew an interesting comment from the always helpful David Scott: The more interesting helicopter escapade was an attempt to drape a huge net over those trees by Chem Lec and perhaps … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: “an airborne symphony,” 1979

That’s the unexpected (and thoroughly unwarranted) romantic sounding description that accompanied this November, 1979 Houston Chronicle photo of a helicopter trying to roust some of the grackles that were infesting campus: I don’t think it was quite so romantic if … Continue reading

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I had more or less forgotten that the student-run coffeehouse in the RMC was once located here, right next to the door to Sammy’s: The two pictures I found are undated but taken well within my era at Rice. I’d … Continue reading

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Track Standouts, circa 1964

I received quite a few emails after my post a couple weeks ago that featured a sequence of pictures of a Fred Hansen ’63 vault. One of the best came from Terry Cloudman ’65 who sent me two wonderful photos. … Continue reading

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