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Wherein I delight in someone else’s mistake

Not really. But it’s always a nice surprise when I’m not the one who erred. In Pender Turnbull’s collection this shot turned up, neatly labeled on the back “Professors at the Sallyport, ca 1913-14”: My friends, this is simply incorrect! … Continue reading

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“For Whites Only”

My day started out not so great–third round with the dentist–but got much better as it went along. I’m actually all a-twitter because this afternoon I came upon not one but two exciting collections that I’d never seen before. The … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies: H.A. Wilson. Physicist . . . or wizard?

Clearly, a quidditch match is about to get underway in the academic quad. I think the Rice quidditch team needs to adopt him as their guiding spirit.

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“Thucydides and Current Events”

I was startled this afternoon to discover a picture of Dr. Floyd Lear, who arrived at Rice to teach history in 1925 and stayed until his death in 1975. Lear was a medievalist, although he taught a wide range of … Continue reading

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I’m confused, again

So here’s the thing . . . I found this photo of the Rice athletics field from, I think, about the mid-1920s. I was pretty hopped up about it too, because if you zoom in on it you can actually … Continue reading

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Next Week in Rice History, 1952

I have a class tonight so I’m rushing a bit here. Sorry! I meant to put up a post entitled “This Week in Rice History, 1952” but if I may be frank for a moment the week closest to this … Continue reading

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Majors Day, 1972

I’m not totally clear what Majors Day was (is?)–but I guess it must have been either a chance for students to explore possible majors or for faculty to meet informally with students who had already decided to major in their … Continue reading

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Apologies are Issued

I got called out during my Continuing Studies class the other night by some troublemakers in the back row, led by that rascal Leonard Lane. I now find myself compelled to admit that they were right. I had misidentified the … Continue reading

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A.C. Perry, Clerk of the Works

In 1910, as construction was set to begin on the first buildings at Rice, the architects of Cram Goodhue and Ferguson sent Albert Curtis Perry to Houston to serve as Clerk of the Works. In that capacity he was required … Continue reading

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The Community House

Before Autry House was built across Main Street from Rice by the Episcopal Diocese in 1921, there was a wooden building on the site that served as a temporary “community house” for Rice students. (There really was no one else … Continue reading

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