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Wherein I delight in someone else’s mistake

Not really. But it’s always a nice surprise when I’m not the one who erred. In Pender Turnbull’s collection this shot turned up, neatly labeled on the back “Professors at the Sallyport, ca 1913-14”: My friends, this is simply incorrect! … Continue reading

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“For Whites Only”

My day started out not so great–third round with the dentist–but got much better as it went along. I’m actually all a-twitter because this afternoon I came upon not one but two exciting collections that I’d never seen before. The … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies: H.A. Wilson. Physicist . . . or wizard?

Clearly, a quidditch match is about to get underway in the academic quad. I think the Rice quidditch team needs to adopt him as their guiding spirit.

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“Thucydides and Current Events”

I was startled this afternoon to discover a picture of Dr. Floyd Lear, who arrived at Rice to teach history in 1925 and stayed until his death in 1975. Lear was a medievalist, although he taught a wide range of … Continue reading

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I’m confused, again

So here’s the thing . . . I found this photo of the Rice athletics field from, I think, about the mid-1920s. I was pretty hopped up about it too, because if you zoom in on it you can actually … Continue reading

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Next Week in Rice History, 1952

I have a class tonight so I’m rushing a bit here. Sorry! I meant to put up a post entitled “This Week in Rice History, 1952” but if I may be frank for a moment the week closest to this … Continue reading

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Majors Day, 1972

I’m not totally clear what Majors Day was (is?)–but I guess it must have been either a chance for students to explore possible majors or for faculty to meet informally with students who had already decided to major in their … Continue reading

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