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A Minor Mystery Solved

In the secret back room of the Woodson Research Center there are, unsurprisingly, several library carts. One of them is the place where we put small items that people send or bring in until we have a chance to decide … Continue reading

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Space Science Building, 1965

Over the years, Rice’s relationship with NASA has proven to be deeply transformative in a number of ways. It would be hard to overstate the excitement and sense of adventure that accompanied the founding of the Department of Space Science … Continue reading

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Pershing Day, Part II

I mentioned last week when I wrote about General Pershing’s 1920 visit to Rice that I had a few more good pictures of that event. Here are a couple of those. This was a very big day–you can tell just … Continue reading

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This is how I cheer myself up

I had kind of a bummer of a day–some unexpected sorrow and a lot of regular, ordinary frustration. I freely admit that most of the frustration was self-inflicted. I began the day by leaving my cell phone at home and … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies

Like the baseball field pictures last week, these shots were at the end of a roll of photos of something else. It has to have been Beer Bike, but I have no idea what year–late 70s is my best guess. … Continue reading

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A Pyramid-shaped Blob

Last week I put up this post about the front gate. I heard from several people about it, including one especially alert reader who asked about the pyramidal blob that you can see in front of Lovett Hall when you … Continue reading

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A Surprise Letter

We had a really fun visitor in the Woodson this morning. A nice man named Charles Rusciano came in to give us a 1911 letter that is in large part about Edgar Odell Lovett and the work he was doing … Continue reading

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