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Fresh Air, 1921

There are so many people walking around my neighborhood these days that sometimes it almost looks like a parade. We’re all desperate for some exercise and fresh air, the feeling of sun on your back, but yesterday when I stood … Continue reading

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It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time, 1960

They were certainly on the right track: But in retrospect the basement might not have been the best choice. Sorry for the short post, I’ve been in zoom meetings all day! Bonus: Yikes.  

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Friday Follies: The Only Thing I’m Worried About Is Running Out

I believe psychology professor Ken Laughery was studying warning labels: Bonus: Missy says “wake me when it’s over.”

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Social Distancing, 1915

Our first biology professor, Julian Huxley. It’s labeled “standing in a field near Houston.” I did the same thing today except the field was a golf course.

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“You Think it Will Go In If I Kick it?,” 1985

Here’s something from the inner depths of my laptop, a scrapbook that records the 1985-86 Central Plant Expansion. I was mainly interested in this because of the list of names of people who worked on it, both from Brown and … Continue reading

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Brennan’s Gate, 1940 and 2019

Finding myself with some time on my hands I’ve started trying to organize all the pictures I’ve saved in various places over the ten years of this blog. It’s not going well, mostly because I keep getting interested in things … Continue reading

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“It is really splendid!,” 1925

This is, I suppose, really a post about the University of Texas although it started with one of the letters Radoslav Tsanoff wrote to his wife during the summer he spent teaching in Austin. During those six weeks Tsanoff spent … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Oh, For the Good Old Days!

When people could just fling toilet paper around like it was nothing: I’m guessing late ’80s based on the fact that the player’s shorts are still actually short.

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Construction, 1956

After almost two decades of stagnation–two world wars and the Depression didn’t help– new construction on campus exploded after World War II. Unlike current times when building projects are more or less constant this post-war construction came in several bursts. … Continue reading

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Slime-Soph War, 1924

What on earth is going on here? I scanned these images a couple of years ago then, confused, forgot about them: The answer is in the 1924 Campanile, which I am still looking at today. This was an actual fight, … Continue reading

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