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Physics Amphitheater, 1977

Here’s the Physics Building amphitheater in 1977. What tickled me was the caption on the back of the photo, with its open disdain for the extremely disappointing aesthetic choices involved in what must have been a recent remodel of the … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Finals Week, 1967

I don’t believe the term “weenies” is in general circulation these days but whatever you call them, we’ve still got a bunch. Bonus: From an alert colleague, the annual pre-commencement changing of the lightbulbs in Duncan. I promised not to … Continue reading

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Dorm Interior, undated

After I struggled so hard to figure out when yesterday’s undated picture was taken this one seems almost comically easy. It’s labeled “dorm interior, no date” and it’s actually kind of interesting. Note the reflection of the light fixture in … Continue reading

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Dating a New Picture of the Academic Quad

Oddly enough, there was an old picture of the academic quad in the folder I found the other day that was full of shots of biomedical engineering in the late 1960s. It’s very pretty and it illustrates nicely why they … Continue reading

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More Honored in the Breach, 1929

I ran across this neat aerial of campus in an issue of the great old magazine called the Houston Gargoyle. I’ve mentioned this publication before in conjunction with a fabulous 1932 map of Houston’s Cradle of Culture. This one is … Continue reading

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EAI 680 Scientific Computing System, c1968

Last week I came across a stash of fabulous photographs in a folder labeled “Bio Medical Engr.” Only some of them are dated but they all seem to have been taken from roughly 1968-1970. Let’s start off the week with … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Training Aid, mid-’70s

“See, when I flip this switch it delivers a jolt directly to your helmet.” Bonus: Gosh, I wish Dr. Lovett were here to see this.

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“Louis I. Kahn Talks with Students”, 1967

The last week of classes has been lovely–blue skies, lush grass, and moderate temperatures. I spent an entire morning wandering from one end of campus to the other taking pictures just so I could stay outside. As I watched more … Continue reading

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“Men in Rice Science Lab,” 1969

That’s all it says on the back of this picture: This certainly was taken at Rice–look at the door. And somewhere in the back of my mind I feel like I know the man on the right but I can’t … Continue reading

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Max Freund, 1929 and 1979

I had a very busy day with a nice surprise at the end. I opened a box that someone else was using and I found this picture of long-time German professor Max Freund taken on the occasion of his hundredth … Continue reading

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