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Easter Greetings, 1981

Courtesy of the Rice Amateur Radio Club:   Bonus: Last night’s rains left a beautiful mirror in the quad.     Note: No post tomorrow for Good Friday. Also no post next Friday for Good Friday.

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Engineering Equipment, no date

They were in the same folder, neither has any caption. They look to have been taken at about the same time but other than that my ignorance is complete: I like this one even better than the first. Tubes, dials, … Continue reading

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Chemistry Building Construction, circa 1925

I was surprised by this image the other day, which jumped out at me in a file I’ve looked at many times before. I can’t say why I’d never noticed it before but I hadn’t. The folder naturally enough says … Continue reading

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Two Farewells

Last week Rice lost two stalwart alumni, Joyce Pounds Hardy ’45 and Gus Schill ’55. Both remained deeply involved with Rice for their entire lives, reliably reporting for duty and serving the university in multiple capacities. Both were class chairman … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Two of My Favorite Things in One Place, 1972

Norman Hackerman and a buffet table! That’s his wife, Gene, next to him and I think that’s Gus Schill ’55 by the wall. Bonus: Beer-Bike weekend is upon us.

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I’ve got one more (for now) from the 1916 Campanile. As I was studying a page near the front of the book I was dimly aware that the facing page had something avian on it. When I turned to it … Continue reading

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The Golden Anniversary of the Class of 1916

My eye was caught by something unexpected yesterday when I went to look up Otto Watts’s photo in his copy of the first Campanile. See it? Harcourt Wooten’s picture is signed . . . and dated . . . 1966. As … Continue reading

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Otto O. Watts, ’16

I was looking for something in the 1916 Campanile this morning when I noticed that the copy I was using had someone’s name stamped on it: I recognized the name but that’s all. Since I had the book in my … Continue reading

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“Staff to Maintain Order in Library,” 1956

I forgot to write a post last Friday, to the best of my recollection only the second time that’s happened in almost eight years. If I had written one it would have been about how as soon as Fondren opened … Continue reading

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Rice Stadium, September 15, 1950

Fifteen days before the first game was played in it. They cut it pretty close. Nice view of the Shamrock Hotel also. Here’s an aerial from the opposite direction that’s also dated 1950, but looks to have been taken after … Continue reading

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