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Rice Stadium, September 15, 1950

Fifteen days before the first game was played in it. They cut it pretty close. Nice view of the Shamrock Hotel also. Here’s an aerial from the opposite direction that’s also dated 1950, but looks to have been taken after … Continue reading

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Obsolete Computer Technology, no date

I love this picture–it looks like ancient history. I’m guessing, though, based only on the clothes and haircuts that it was taken in the mid to late ’80s. The machines are completely unknown to me so I can’t use them … Continue reading

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“Parchments Disclose Rice History,” 1936

One of the trivial things that has long bothered me is the fact that I can see all those framed documents hanging on the wall of the old faculty chamber but I can’t tell what they are: (This picture was … Continue reading

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“a new feeling of freedom,” 1969

Sometimes people ask me if I could go back in time which Rice person I would most want to talk with. They’re often surprised that it isn’t President Lovett but instead a student, Warren Skaaren ’69. After leaving Rice Skaaren … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Future Litigator Edition

From the Brown College scrapbook, mid-80s. I know I wouldn’t get into an argument with her! Bonus:

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“Promising Soph Talent on Rice Cage Squad,” 1942

I was using one of the gigantic alumni scrapbooks the other day and as I flipped through the pages this 1942 clipping caught my eye: My first reaction was that if I had ever known that the legendary University of … Continue reading

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“our day in Houston was a very successful one,” 1955

I found a lot of unexpected material in that Fondren Library scrapbook I mentioned the other day but none more unexpected than this letter from Eleanor Roosevelt: This clipping was next to it: But a better explanation is in this … Continue reading

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