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Forwarding Address, 1942

Anyone who could leave Houston in the summer, did leave Houston in the summer: I’m leaving too, for the month of July. As I have a longstanding preference for non-compliance I refuse to say where I’m headed. I’ll likely write … Continue reading

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HMRC Thursday: The Whole Southwest Side of Campus, Wide Open, 1959

This afternoon I came across these gorgeous shots in the Harper Leiper Collection at the HMRC, taken across the top of the Tidelands Motel and over the entire southwest side of campus in January, 1959. I’ve never seen images from … Continue reading

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Officers of Administration, 1918

This is a minute from a meeting of the Rice trustees held in December, 1918. What they’ve done here is authorize the creation of three administrative positions: a bursar, a dean, and a registrar. This describes their duties, which are … Continue reading

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“Dr. Edgar O. Lovett Warns Against Overconfidence,” 1935

Or as we say at my house, keep expectations low, as usual, and no one will be too disappointed. It wasn’t until this morning that I read the article that accompanied the picture of Dr. Lovett in a football helmet. … Continue reading

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“Dyer started work on his degree eighteen years ago,” 1936

I was charmed by this picture of Rice baseball (and football and track) star Eddie Dyer finally receiving a diploma almost two decades after he entered the Institute. I’ve written about Dyer before (nearly nine years ago, much to my … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: “He makes a striking looking fullback, don’t you think?” 1935

Yet another reminder (as if we needed one!) that you have to be really careful about wearing other people’s headgear in public:

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HMRC Thursday: Pitzer’s Inauguration, 1962

Y’all, I’m having a week. I didn’t manage to make it into the HMRC today but I found these images from President Pitzer’s inauguration in October, 1962 a few weeks ago in their Houston Post Collection and when I looked … Continue reading

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