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Friday Follies: Hold Tight!

Looks like mid-80s. Also appears to be a special occasion of some sort: Bonus: I’m not sure exactly what this entails but I feel like I would excel at it.

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A Very Strange Picture of the Quad, 1921

The other day one of my colleagues and I were looking through the box of Really, Really Oversized Materials and up turned this image, which I had never seen before. It’s pretty nice, I think. You can see all the … Continue reading

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Student Dramatic and Musical Productions, 1961

“nothing objectionable” To eyes reading this in 2015 it looks like a hole big enough to drive a tank through. But in 1961 it had a fairly clear and generally well understood meaning. It’s also clear that they had some … Continue reading

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Lots of Rain, 1922

Thinking about Hurricane Carla brought to mind these images taken in the spring of 1922. Not a hurricane, obviously, but lots of rain–the Monthly Weather Review of the National Weather Service for March, 1922 described it as “a local storm … Continue reading

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Hurricane Carla Hits Rice, 1961

I hadn’t realized until last week that the 1961-62 school year began with a hurricane, which must have been fairly distracting. The Thresher article makes it sound like not that big of a deal but it sounds bad enough to … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Wiess Crack

The 1960’s were the Golden Age of college newsletters at Rice. (Maybe it was advances in reproduction technology that made it available to students on a widespread basis?) In any event, here’s a nice cover from the fall of 1968: … Continue reading

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Administration Building with Dog, 1910

It’s a nasty, wet and cold day today and it looks like it was also pretty soggy the day this picture was taken in 1910: This image was in the Morehead box I was talking about yesterday and what interests … Continue reading

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