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Friday Follies: Hold Tight!

Looks like mid-80s. Also appears to be a special occasion of some sort: Bonus: I’m not sure exactly what this entails but I feel like I would excel at it.

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A Very Strange Picture of the Quad, 1921

The other day one of my colleagues and I were looking through the box of Really, Really Oversized Materials and up turned this image, which I had never seen before. It’s pretty nice, I think. You can see all the … Continue reading

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Student Dramatic and Musical Productions, 1961

“nothing objectionable” To eyes reading this in 2015 it looks like a hole big enough to drive a tank through. But in 1961 it had a fairly clear and generally well understood meaning. It’s also clear that they had some … Continue reading

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Lots of Rain, 1922

Thinking about Hurricane Carla brought to mind these images taken in the spring of 1922. Not a hurricane, obviously, but lots of rain–the Monthly Weather Review of the National Weather Service for March, 1922 described it as “a local storm … Continue reading

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Hurricane Carla Hits Rice, 1961

I hadn’t realized until last week that the 1961-62 school year began with a hurricane, which must have been fairly distracting. The Thresher article makes it sound like not that big of a deal but it sounds bad enough to … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Wiess Crack

The 1960’s were the Golden Age of college newsletters at Rice. (Maybe it was advances in reproduction technology that made it available to students on a widespread basis?) In any event, here’s a nice cover from the fall of 1968: … Continue reading

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Administration Building with Dog, 1910

It’s a nasty, wet and cold day today and it looks like it was also pretty soggy the day this picture was taken in 1910: This image was in the Morehead box I was talking about yesterday and what interests … Continue reading

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Plot Plan, Staub and Rather

The Woodson has an enormous collection of images that came from architecture professor Bud Morehead. Some of them were used in his little book called A Walking Tour of Rice University but there are many, many more besides those. Many. … Continue reading

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Interlibrary Loan, 1917

This afternoon I sifted through boxes of early library records with great pleasure. This particular set of exchanges, which revolve around eight books on the Victorian writer George Meredith (who would have thought there would be so many?) that Rice … Continue reading

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The William Rice Marsh, circa 1911

We’ve had three glorious days in a row here but I just heard that it’s supposed to get cold and rainy later this week . . . again. Very disheartening but nothing new. Here’s what looks to be a spontaneous … Continue reading

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