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Friday Morning Baseball Photo

I understand there’s some type of baseball competition getting underway today so to encourage our lads here’s a great photo from 1923. It was a lackluster season for the Owls but this image is labeled “After taking a doubleheader from … Continue reading

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The Women’s Room, 1926

Last week a very alert commenter pointed out the “Girl’s Toilet” in this drawing of the first floor of the Chemistry Building, correctly noting that it was palatial: Here’s a shot of the inside of that room nicely finished with … Continue reading

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A Big Surprise in Bud Morehead’s Papers, 1950

You might think that slide carousels labeled “A Walking Tour of Rice University” would contain the photos from the book entitled “A Walking Tour of Rice University.” I know I certainly thought that. It’s not quite so simple, though. In … Continue reading

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Swimming, etc., Part 2

A campus update from a hardier compatriot: That’s impressive.

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Swimming Might Be the Only Option Today

Let’s hope for better luck tomorrow.

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Friday Follies: Hoop Dreams

I love this picture: It came from a 1976 slide presentation so the little beezer would be about 40 now.

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The Colloid Lab, circa 1926

For a while now I’ve been trying to work out how the original Chemistry Building functioned. It’s undergone enough renovation at this point that much of its original sense has vanished. But a couple of things have turned up recently … Continue reading

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