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“thank you for the pleasing inscription in the fly-leaf,” 1942

As I mentioned the other day I’ve recently spent some time looking for something in the library records.(Didn’t find it.) Anyway, I went all the way back to the old Rice Institute Library collection, which in reality is mostly a … Continue reading

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“Graphic Works and Watercolors from Private Collections,” 1949

I was looking for something yesterday in the Fondren Library Papers, which inevitably hold something of interest even when I don’t find what I’m looking for. What turned up this time was astonishing–I still can hardly believe it. It’s the … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Just out of Reach, 1991

Would you scratch this spot for me?? Bonus: Through another window.

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HMRC Thursday: Sunset Boulevard, 1958

If you pay attention while driving up Sunset from Main towards Rice Boulevard you’ll notice a spot where the street curves out on both sides to form a pretty good sized oval. I feel almost certain that someone here told … Continue reading

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“We freeze, try love, and graduate,” February 1946

Sometimes people ask me how we can have more commencements than we have years as a going concern. It was the war, pushing through two classes of naval engineers each year: Bonus: Sometimes I wonder if they do this stuff … Continue reading

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Rice Institute Student Loan Fund, 1929

During the years when Rice was still getting established there was often a sort of homemade feel about the way business was done. I mentioned yesterday that the Commerce program was instituted in 1930 by means of the support from … Continue reading

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Commerce Department Newsletter, 1970

Loyal reader Buddy Chuoke ’75 recently sent me a copy of this 1970 newsletter full of updates on graduates of the Commerce Department. As early as the 1920s fans of Rice athletics were pushing for an academic program for athletes … Continue reading

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