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HMRC Thursday: Parsons’ Bricks Attract National Attention, 1957

This didn’t start out to be about bricks but quickly wound its way over that direction. I found this set of pictures in the collection of Houston Post negatives downtown at the HMRC. The first one in the envelope was … Continue reading

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Yes, it’s come to this. A post about bricks. And the bad news is that it looks like it won’t be the last one. As I was driving onto campus yesterday I pulled over and got out of the car … Continue reading

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Dead End, 1957

It may or may not surprise you to know that I routinely squirrel away things that I can use for the occasional quick and dirty post. I generally write here when I get home in the evening and there are … Continue reading

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Segregation, Tuition, and Football, 1962

You know how I’m always so surprised by the things I find? Like “Oh my gosh, I never expected to see something like this!” or “what a startling discovery!” That didn’t happen today. What I found today I’ve always known … Continue reading

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“thank you for the pleasing inscription in the fly-leaf,” 1942

As I mentioned the other day I’ve recently spent some time looking for something in the library records.(Didn’t find it.) Anyway, I went all the way back to the old Rice Institute Library collection, which in reality is mostly a … Continue reading

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“Graphic Works and Watercolors from Private Collections,” 1949

I was looking for something yesterday in the Fondren Library Papers, which inevitably hold something of interest even when I don’t find what I’m looking for. What turned up this time was astonishing–I still can hardly believe it. It’s the … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Just out of Reach, 1991

Would you scratch this spot for me?? Bonus: Through another window.

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