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Accelerator VII

Remember this from last week? This was discovered yesterday inside the ceiling of an art department room in the first Sewall basement. It’s a piece of art, intricate and exquisitely constructed. Covered with dust, it had clearly been in the ceiling … Continue reading

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“Rice by the Sea,” Early 1930s

It’s pretty wet today and they’re saying that the really heavy stuff isn’t going to come down until tomorrow. These photos from sometime in the early 1930s record the consequences of a similarly rainy bout: I don’t care who you … Continue reading

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Adding On to Rice Stadium

I’ve been carrying these two photos around for a month or so, waiting for a reason to go out to the stadium and have a look around. They are misdated as “September 1950.” That simply can’t be right–it’s not the … Continue reading

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Unobsolete Technology: Collecting Specimens

Some technologies fulfill their intended purpose so perfectly that they can never entirely be replaced. 1916: 2013: I can’t identify the young women in the earlier photo but the one who so graciously allowed me to take her picture on … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies: Allen Matusow and Janis Joplin

I’m stumped.

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Eddie Wojecki

Every once in a while I stumble on to something that really matters to people.  After I posted about Eddie Wojecki the other day, my in-box quickly filled with stories of his skill and compassion. More than a dozen people … Continue reading

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Where Did That Turnstile Come From??

I find myself quite pressed for time tonight, but I do have something cool that I found unexpectedly this afternoon. This was the centerpiece of a full page newspaper spread published in the early spring of 1941–the reporter followed a … Continue reading

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